George Mason defeats Forli in Italy 83-78, Mike Morrison scores 15 to lead Patriots

The Patriots faced their toughest opponent in Italy today against Forli and edged out a victory to the tune of 83-78.  A much more evenly played matched compared to what we have seen so far on this trip. The top scorers for Mason were Mike Morrsion (15), Cam Long (12), and Ryan Pearson (10).  It should be no surprise that this victory came from a balanced Patriots attack on offense. They spread the ball around a lot in this one which probably what we will see a lot of this season.  Bryon Allen picked up 8 points and Luke Hancock added 9, showing how close the Patriots came to having five players in double figures.  I would loved to see what kind of defense Forli was sporting in this one because I doubt it’s much like anything the Patriots will see in the CAA this season but hopefully they had to use some muscle to close this one out.