Paul Hewitt wastes no time filling the open scholarship left by Luke Hancock

It certainly didn’t take long for new head coach Paul Hewitt to fill the open spot on the roster left by Luke Hancock’s departure to Louisville.  By now you have probably seen the news that Seton Hall forward Anali Okoloji will be transferring to George Mason.  The 6’8″ forward didn’t play much in his freshman season at Seton Hall but was a highly coveted recruit back coming out. You will notice he was listed as a shooting guard on the recruiting sites and has been described as a ‘wing forward’ who can rebound and score inside and out. Although he couldn’t get on the floor at Seton Hall the hope is a change in scenery and a new coaching staff will help bring out his potential.

Okoloji will sit out the 2011-2012 season by NCAA transfer rules and then join the class of Erik Copes, Corey Edwards, and Vaughn Gray in 2012-2013.

  • Bryan

    He didn’t waste any time because he knew Luke was leaving. 

  • Kdenton1

    Luke, how’s that pine taste over at Louisville?

  • c hirsch

    This seems insanely premature.

  • Taylormade703

    But he can’t play this year.  What about this upcoming season?  How are we looking there?

  • out1aw

    It’s rare for a 6 foot 8 guy, who can do it all, to sit for an everage team. Is it possible? sure, but i’m realistic.

  • out1aw

    *average team being Seton Hall

  • Eddie Cochran

    You hear anything about a Jonathon Miller from Texas-Arlington coming to Mason? Anthony Morrow (Nets/Ga Tech) said that he was coming to play for Hewitt at Mason on his twitter this week…

  • Dan

    How is Anali Okoloji’s name pronounced?

  • gmuhoops

    Good question. Hopefully will add that in his profile bio

  • Taylormade703

    On a youtube vid the announcer called him On-Ah-Lay Oh-Kuh-Low-Gee.  I don’t know if that’s right or not but that’s what he said.

  • Justin Hay

    I saw that tweet too…can’t find any info on the kid for the life of me.

  • Egross

    I believe it is pronounced “An-nal-ee Oh-Kill-oh-gee”.  Like Anali, I too transferred from Seton Hall to George Mason so I kept an eye on their team and his play this year. He didn’t get much playing time because of the lineup and style of play at Seton Hall.  SHU had 2 good big men in Herb Pope and Jeff Robinson taking the starting time, and the head coach at SHU preferred a guy named Patrick Auda coming off the bench because he was bigger and could spread the floor pretty well by making 3’s.  SHU was mostly a guard oriented team that had a lot of talent (enough to make the NCAA) but the coaching change and some off-the-court nonsense hindered the team.  I hope that Anali gets a chance to play minutes at GMU, because he is hard to match up against, given his size and ability to make mid-range jump shots.

  • Nicholas Schulz

    just watched some video of him on He is a confidence player, no doubt, and can hit mid range jumpers pretty nicely, which will be hard for other to defend

  • Nicholas Schulz

    I just watched some video of him on He is confident, no doubt. He can hit the mid range jumper which will be hard for people to gaurd

  • CN

    Sounds like he would be a solid 3/4 guy in the system.  Pending his development, of course…  This team’s picked up a lot of size so far, which was not really a focal point of Larranaga.  We’ll see how it turns out, but I like what I am seeing right now, but it may be difficult to mesh the two different types of players that are now on the team.

    Here’s Okoloji’s ESPN profile coming out of HS:

  • Keith292

    As in he did just announce it today.. So either he is walking on or someone else we don’t know about is leaving. Correct?

  • Kdenton1

    That’s the whole point.  I make an early prediction.  When the time comes you all can say, “Denton called it.” or “That Denton is full of it.”  He will def. play because they wanted him and he is good and blah blah blah but if I was a starter or a bencher at the Lou last year I would die before a mid-major transfer came in and took my spot.  The dirty Lou is a school with lots of early leaves so he will play but I predict the first game of the season Luke does not start. 

  • c hirsch

    I don’t think Luke is going in with the expectation that he would start the first game. Lineups change throughout a season, Luke will do fine at Louisville.