Could Patrick Holloway be the hot-handed shooter George Mason has needed?

Both freshmen Marko Gujanicic and Patrick Holloway have already played key roles this season. Holloway’s immediate impact is a little bit more surprising given the returning back court players. Vaughn Gray’s suspension and Vertrail Vaughns inconsistent shooting has opened the door for Holloway to get some early season minutes. So far he has seized the opportunity and has shown he’s not afraid to shoot from anywhere. I have to say I like his no fear shooting approach. Where most freshman guards struggle to create their own shots he looks comfortable and was completely unfazed in the New Mexico game. As a pure shooter off the bench he has the potential to be for this team what Vertrail Vaughns once was during the 2010-2011 season.

Last year George Mason finished shooting 33.2% from behind the three-point line and were 10th in the CAA in attempts from there. They are not as one-dimensional on offense as they were then and sport a more balanced approach. Paul Hewitt like athletes and wants to play fast, but there is always a spot on the team for a good long range shooter. Already this season Holloway has more three-pointers made than Vaughns and he has done so in 58 less minutes of playing time. Also his numbers are nearly identical to Vaughns from the field. Hewitt has trust in Holloway and he was even in the game during the final moments of the New Mexico melt down, whether that’s a good or bad thing.
While the rest of his game needs development and he could use some extra time at the weight room, I think he could have more of an impact this season than most would have thought. I think there is a need for someone with his credentials this season and he could end up being the most important ‘specialists’ off the bench. 
[Photo by Stephen Kline]
  • Alan

    I think this team needs multiple outside shooters off the bench to be successful (Like we had in 2010-11 with Tate and Vaughns). There’s room for Holloway, Vaughns, and Gray to all contribute in that way.

  • E.A. Aymar

    Definitely has a Stephon Curry look about him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a consistent double-digit scorer his sophomore year and beyond.

  • Christopher Hirsch

    That weight room stuff is overrated, remember when people were picking on Kevin Durant for not being able to lift? If you’re quick and can shoot, you will be fine. 

  • GMU6

    He will never have trouble taking big shots. Look what he did in High school. Vertrail will get his as the season goes on so with both of them spotting up the inside should benefit.

  • Dont_Block_me

    is it possible to get an updated RPI on this site? 

  • gmuhoops

    I’ll try to add it somewhere, in the mean time follow this page for daily update

  • upside2013

    This will be an interesting season for coach Hewitt and team. I think this team has a huge upside and if some of the fundementals can be cleaned up(turnovers and foul shooting it could lead to success in the NCAA tourney. I plan to enjoy the ride!

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