College of Charleston is officially making the move to the CAA

Interesting day for the CAA. Earlier today news broke that four Hofstra players will be suspended indefinitely after being arrested on burglary charges. Two of the players are among the Pride’s top scorers. How bad is this story?¬†Apparently one of the victims could have been their head coach, Mo Cassara. Later this afternoon however the CAA got some positive news though, that College of Charleston’s Board of Trustees has approved a move to the CAA.

It was rumored that the CAA was interested in both Charleston and Davidson but Charleston was more eager to move. Perhaps this may sway Davidson to reconsider, we’ll just have to see. And while this news won’t be as widedly reported as Maryland and Rutgers to the Big Ten, it’s a very good get for the CAA. It doesn’t quite replace what they had in VCU for basketball but the conference is getting a solid, clean program that has a history of winning. Just last Saturday they upset nationally ranked Baylor on the road. George Mason is 1-3 all-time against them.
Charleston will begin play in all sports in the CAA during the Fall of 2013. 
  • Adam Sylvain

    If not Davidson, any word on which other schools they may offer an invite? They are looking to replace both VCU and ODU, right?

  • gmuhoops

    Remember GSU is leaving also, so this addition of C of C makes the CAA 10 teams for 2013-2014. Who knows, they might stay at 10 or try to add others to get back to 12.

  • StopWearingPurple

    Good get.