1989 George Mason CAA Championship Ring on Sale on eBay

For the small sum of $1,500 you can purchase a part of George Mason basketball history on eBay. A couple of our readers noticed the CAA championship ring from George Mason had just recently appeared up for auction on the site. At least this time it’s not a Final Four ring from 2006 up for auction. This is a nice piece of memorabilia that┬ácommemorates┬áthe Patriots’ first ever CAA championship and trip to the NCAA tournament back in 1989. It’s listed as “salesman sample” in the description but after contacting the seller I found out the name on the side is “Nestor”. Ernie Nestor was the program’s head coach during 1988-1993. This would make one hell of a Christmas gift to some George Mason fan.
  • Christopher Hirsch

    Not as good as my 2006 George Mason National Championship hat that I own. Who cares if it didn’t happen!

  • StopWearingPurple

    I am dating myself but I was a recent grad then and I very clearly remember that championship. This was in the early days of cable and there was nowhere near that content of today. To view this historic game you had to turn to WNVC 56, grab the antennae, stick a foot out the window, and hope the static cleared up enough to make out what was going on. Mason was a 15 seed and got pummeled by Indiana who was a 2 seed. It would only take ten short years for a chap named Larranaga to get us back.