Big East non-football schools are discussing a possible breakaway. What the possibility could mean for George Mason.

The conference realignment news breaks are far from over. Last night, national sportswriter Mark Blaudschun, was first to break the news about the Big East Catholic schools (non-football members) meeting to discuss the possibility of breaking away on their own. The schools we are specifically talking about here are Georgetown, Marquette, Providence, St. John’s, Seton Hall, Villanova, and DePaul. The schools met in New York recently to discuss their options and the future of the Big East. CBS followed up and talked about how this could affect schools like George Mason:

“One possibility, a source said, is the non-football members forming a basketball-only league and perhaps inviting other relevant basketball schools without FBS-level football programs to join them — schools like Butler, VCU, Xavier, Saint Louis, Dayton, George Mason and Creighton.”

Did the administration at George Mason see this coming and that’s why they passed on A10? Who knows but it’s an interesting theory. And how valuable would Mason be to this group when they already have Georgetown corning the DC area market? However, if this actually did happen it would be hard to argue that George Mason didn’t come out as the big realignment winner.
With the conference they once knew pretty much gone, these non-football Big East schools are deciding on whether it’s worth it to stick around or gamble on forming a knew conference and getting their own TV deal. As the CBS article says, how much TV revenue a new league like that could generate is the biggest question.  But would the extra revenue be worth it to be in what is becoming not much of a basketball conference? The new additions, like Tulane, are pure RPI killers for a conference that was once considered the best in college hoops. This will be a very interesting story line to follow and hopefully one that positively affects George Mason.

UPDATE: CBS posted a nice Q & A article about the Big East situation.

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  • Julio César Laínez

    Mason’s value would be a true area rival for Georgetown. This is very promising news for the Mason program as the CAA went from a great mid-major conference to a joke overnight. Something like this needs to happen for GMU’s program to continue growing. I’ve been preaching this for years!

  • Doug Economou

    This would be AWESOME! The CAA is dead without VCU and ODU. I was bummed when we didn’t jump to the A-10. This would put us in a strong BB conference!

  • Dont_Block_me

    I still like the A10 better. All the Big east schools with out football are a joke except George Town and Villi nova

  • gmuhoops

    Ever heard of a school called Marquette? How about St. Johns too? A joke is the CAA right now.

  • Noelle Brahimi

    Or we could just get a football team 🙂

  • Adam Sylvain

    Seems like a lot of big “what-ifs” involved with forming a new conferense (TV deals, exit fees, etc.) Wouldn’t it be more likely that the CAA would try and recruit a team like Providence or possibly Seton Hall to join instead? The CAA has already begun an attempt at a CAA rebuild by bringing in College of Charleston. Not arguing the realignment opportunity you outline wouldn’t be better, but just seems less likely than recruiting a single team to join the CAA where they could be a top competitor in the conference.

  • gmuhoops

    Why would Seton Hall or Providence do that? Worse competition and less TV revenue share money.

    Is any of this actually likely? I have no idea, it’s all speculation at this point. But if the Catholic schools vote to dissolve the Big East, it could get interesting.

  • Christopher Hirsch

    I get why you post this but wake more me when it is more than a rumor.

  • gmuhoops

    You said the same thing when the Butler/VCU/GMU rumors to A10 started 😉

  • Christopher Hirsch

    Haha, fair enough. I just don’t get excited about conference realignment talk.

  • some guy

    And who is paying for that?

  • Dont_Block_me

    Ok. I agree the CAA is a joke. But it would have been better to join the A10. Butler, Xavier, VCU, Dayton, Mason is superior then the proposed new Big East.

  • Dont_Block_me

    Could not agree more!

  • Christopher Hirsch

    I believe we were never invited to the A-10. I think they chose VCU over Mason, and to save face Mason framed it as though we turned down an invitation.

  • gmuhoops

    Not what Tom O’Connor said during an interview during halftime during the Paradise Jam. Said they chose to stay.

  • gmuhoops

    Would love to have to football, but wouldn’t want to be where ODU hoops is headed. If we ever got football, the basketball program would take a back seat. Some would want that, some wouldn’t.

  • Christopher Hirsch

    You believe everything our administration says?

  • gmuhoops

    Of course not but I think it’s pretty obvious they don’t care what the fan base/ alumni/boosters think so I doubt they’d lie about this issue. You could be right, but that’s just my opinion.

  • gmuhoops
  • Dont_Block_me

    The Redskins Offered! Stupid choice to turn that down!

  • GMULaw83

    I wish…

  • Brandt

    That would be sweeeeeeet!