If the CAA tournament started today…

A lot of CAA basketball still left to play, ┬ábut if the conference tournament were to start today this is roughly what the bracket would look like. Some teams have played more games than others and there are various tiebreakers I’m not factoring in yet but you get the picture. As you can see with only seven eligible teams and Northeastern looking pretty locked in that #1 spot, it would be in George Mason’s best interest to at least earn the #2 or #3 seed. Doing so would allow them to avoid Northeastern, whom they have lost twice to, until the championship game. Try to hold back your excitement as this year’s winner will be awarded with that coveted #16 seed in the NCAA tournament!
  • http://twitter.com/SigmaNorm Brandon Smith

    I like our odds if this is the bracket we end with

  • Andy Minor

    Honestly I think with our out of conference wins (Mercer, Richmond, UVA) plus our reputation we’d at least get a 14 seed but I am not hoping for much more than that. Any one of these other teams gets in an man, 15 seed is the highest we can shoot for. Hard to think we’ve gone from 9 seeded at large to meddling with the Big Sky, MEAC, and Big South. This might be the first year I’ll be more excited for opening day than the Big Dance.

  • gmuhoops

    Mason’s RPI right now is 128, and they have one Top 100 win. The other 15 seeds in that projected bracket have lower RPI so I don’t think a 14 seed is a lock by any means. We’ll see.

  • Andy Minor

    My feelings are more “I would not be surprised if we were a 15 or a 14, but I would be a little sad if we were a 16.” Whatever it is, this blows.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rick-Jank/1663980095 Rick Jank

    Yeah, I got a feeling that when all is said and done, the CAA entrant in the dance will get a 15 seed (unless maybe it’s Hofstra or something). Whatever rep the CAA has left will be spent to get that seed, and whoever wins our tourney will be seen as having momentum, especially if it’s us, Drexel or NE.

    As for seeding, yes to the 2 or 3 seed, and a win at home this Saturday against the Hens ought to help a lot in that regard. As will a win at Drexel on Feb 14, which would be a valentine to all of us folks hanging on by a thread to some sort of success this season.

  • Aaron Shaber

    To be honest, if the 1 seed winds up having to face the winner of Delaware/Drexel, I’d prefer the 2 or 3 seed anyways. I like our odds to get to the Championship game with JMU, Hofstra, and W&M on our side of the bracket. The only advantage to being the 1 seed in this scenario is the automatic NIT bid to fall back on.

  • http://twitter.com/mkaufman1 mkaufman1

    I looked at RPI forcast and UVA was 83 and Richmond was 87 so thats two top 100 wins. Not sure that makes much of a difference in the long run or if maybe you use a different site.

  • gmuhoops

    You’re right, I was looking at projected numbers.

  • James Hubbard

    Optimism is the stuff of life, but seriously I have a hard time imagining this GMU team doing well in any post season tournament regardless of seeding or whatever. I want to, believe, but then I think back to last year’s CAA tournament.