Kenpom’s computers predict this year’s CAA tournament winner

Kenpom is a site dedicated to advanced analysis of college basketball and I reference a lot of the numbers and rankings here. They are now doing their computer projections for each conference tournament and here at the results for the CAA:

All-kenpom: Jerrelle Benimon, Towson (kPOY); Devon Saddler, Delaware; Sherrod Wright, George Mason; R.J. Hunter, Georgia State; Damion Lee, Drexel.

 The number above are the probabilities of a team advancing to each round. Looks like George Mason has a less than 20% chance of taking the CAA autobid to the NCAA tournament this year.

[via Kenpom]

  • Justin Edwards

    so you’re telling me there’s a chance

  • BP99

    all for the exciting opportunity to be a #16 seed!

  • BP99

    NE has had a great year and are the only CAA team (including us) that I think deserves that spot in the tournament

  • BP99

    or if they want to let last year’s Drexel team in I will also accept that instead.

  • gmuhoops

    Delaware has a much lower RPI, they would hopefully get #15 or #14 if they win it

  • Rick Jank

    Being given a one in five chance is probably generous in my book. If we were even up with all three of our opponents, probability says we would be one in eight. Seems like kenpom overlooked that NE has to play only 2 games, which obviously would increase their odds. It seems like kenpom looks at GMU as a substantial favorite over NE if they meet up on Sunday. Hmmmm.