GMU Hoops Season Awards Results


Thanks to everyone who voted, here are the results for this year:

Team MVP: Sherrod Wright

Offensive Player of the Year: Sherrod Wright

Defensive Player of the Year: Erik Copes

Rookie/Newcomer of the Year: Patrick Holloway

Most Improved Player: Jonathan Arledge

Guard of the Year: Sherrod Wright

Forward of the Year: Jonathan Arledge

Hustle Award: Bryon Allen

Individual Performance of the Year: Sherrod Wright’s game-winning three-pointer against Richmond

Game of the Year: vs Virginia 63-59 win (11/9/12)

John Powell photo of the year: 

[Photos by John Powell]


  • Monèt Sutton

    Now this is just my personal opinion but I don’t think that photo should be photo of the year since we can’t see half of his face

  • gmuhoops

    This photo lost by only two votes:

  • upside2013

    Who is next up for point guard for 2013 and what about the player and coaching grades, The PG from PA going to VT is a football player will play beamer ball not basketball!

  • gmuhoops

    He’s playing basketball there, but wouldn’t be surprised if them having football swayed him to commit there. Oh well Jalen James is a better prospect

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