2013 Kenner League starts today

Every summer George Mason players of the future, present, and past participate in the annual Kenner League held at Georgetown. It is a great opportunity to watch incoming freshman play for the first time up close. The action starts today at Georgetown’s McDonough Arena.

The Kenner League (Nike Pro City Summer College League) is one of the top summer leagues in the country and always brings quality summer hoops action to DC. It is also the only officially NCAA sanctioned summer league in DC. The George Mason players will be spread out over a couple of different teams in the 14-team league.

The tentative schedule can be found here, but it almost always changes or starts late so be prepared if you plan on attending. Here are what teams George Mason players will be on:

Higher Level – Bryon Allen, Anali Okoloji, Marquise Moore

DCX – Vaughn Gray, Jon Arledge

Team Takeover – Patrick Holloway

Symonds All-Stars – Julian Royal, Jalen Jenkins

Sherrod Wright usually plays in a summer league back in New York. Also a rundown of which George Washington players are playing can be found here.