First look at George Mason’s new uniforms

Here is a first look at George Mason’s new uniforms for this season.

Looks like no names on the backs again, see below:

A close up shot from Julian Royal:

And Jon Arledge:

unis 2013 arledge

What do you think?

  • SkinsGMU

    I like the shorts and number style. The “George” and “Mason” name part seems small to me

  • gmusigs

    Are the names on the back?

    • gmuhoops

      just updated post with a pic from Holloway, looks like no names again

      • Chris Hirsch

        Not in the budget.

  • Chris Hirsch

    I think I won’t get attached since they will just change in a year anyway.

  • Adam Sylvain

    Not too much to say about the uniforms, they’re fine, but it looks like Holloway has added some muscle this offseason which is great to see.

  • Guest

    Don’t like it, looks very a average and not enough colors to go with the white

  • Bentley

    Meh. Pretty bland. Number would look better if it was green, yellow number on white jersey blends in too much. They are ok I guess, anything is better then the yellow jerseys or the black jerseys.