Trey Porter commits to George Mason

Trey Porter, the 6’10” center from Dumfries, VA has committed to George Mason. Porter had visited campus last weekend becomes the second member of the Patriots’ 2014 recruiting class.

Porter, like Mason’s other 2014 recruit Eric Lockett, seems like his earliest contributions to the team will be on the defensive end and the boards. Obviously the kid needs to put on some weight as he listed by various recruiting sites at around 215 pounds. WIth what the staff did this past year with Jalen Jenkins, I don’t think that will be much of a problem.

He’s very athletic for a big man and let’s face it, you can’t teach height. He broke out during the summer and developed a better low-post game. Currently Erik Copes is the only true center on the roster and this pickup definitely fills a need going forward. Rebounding and defense were problem areas last season and so far with this class the staff is addressing those areas.

I asked Matthew Hatfield, who broke the news of the commitment, about what his take is Porter:

Here is some video of Porter from a high school game during his junior year, he’s #15 in white:


“Coach Hewitt and his staff really did their homework and a great job recruiting Trey, understanding who he was and made it clear that they would take care of him for four years,” remarked Potomac Head Basketball Coach Keith Honore.

“In the long run, I think his best basketball days are ahead of him, and Coach Hewitt and those guys at George Mason recognized that.  I feel they’re going to get a return on their investment.”

“His ability to defend the rim is probably his best attribute right now and the thing that they noticed the most,” added Honore.  “I truly believe he’ll refine his offensive game a little bit once he gets to that level, and hopefully in a year or two develop into an offensive threat as well as a rim protector for them.”

From Phenom Hoop report:

“At the end of the day George Mason is getting a versatile big that can rebound, defend, and step away from the basket. George Mason did a good job evaluating a high ceiling, late rising kid whose best basketball will be played in college.”

  • Tim Blank

    I’m always a little bitter to root for a guy from Potomac, went to Osbourn and lost a couple of big games against them and overall did not care for that school or its supporters, but I like this move by the team. Size is always good to have and if he can develop the offensive game, he could be a great replacement for Copes going forward.

    • Kyle Stegner

      All we need now is someone who can replace Sherrod Wright. Vaughn Gray does not seem like a starter type of player nor does Patrick Holloway.

      • Tim Blank

        Can’t disagree with you there. Patrick could develop into that, but right now he seems more like a Isaiah Tate type player rather than a full time starter. Hopefully they get another guy that could take that role going forward

        • Kyle Stegner

          I see Patrick as a bench player thats extremely useful for scoring threes and field goals when the team is going on a drought and the starters are having trouble finding a good shooting rhythm. I’ve never gotten a good view of Vaughn Gray’s game so thats why I’m counting him out too. He’s 6’5 with shoes so he’s got good height just like Sherrod. It would be quite a shame if he gets very little time too as a senior in the 2014-2015 season.

      • PatDan

        Holloway is a our 6th man this year and definitely going to be a starter after both Allen and Wright are gone. Bet the farm on that.

        • Kyle Stegner

          He is definately a 6th man. But he is a finesse shooter. Patrick is a deadly shooting guard but with a point guard’s body. In order for Mason to do well in the A10 they need a shooting guard who is much taller than 6’1 and can draw lots of contact when necessary to score points (not good for finesse players). If he does become a starter, they are going to put him at the point guard position.

          • PatDan

            He’s more than just a sharp shooter. You are conveniently leaving out all the running floaters he hit while driving through the lane. Just because he is small doesn’t mean his only chance to start is at point guard. We haven’t even seen his best basketball yet.

          • Kyle Stegner

            We’ll have to wait until the 2014-2015 to find out his role in the team as a starter. He does have starter potential especially after Bryon Allen and Sherrod Wright are gone.

  • Scott Doescher

    He didn’t look very good defensively the first 3 plays…

  • Masonfan01

    Seems like a bit of project but a shot blocker and defensive-minded guy in the middle is always needed

  • David Houck

    Perhaps Porter could redshirt to gain some muscle and experience. This team will already have Copes, Royal, Marko and Jalen in the front court. A redshirt year might really help this guy out,

    • GMU2008

      Good point, he definitely seems to fit the profile of someone who would benefit from a redshirt year.

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