Therence Mayimba commits to George Mason

2014 small forward Therence Mayimba was on campus this past Saturday for an official visit and it apparently went very well as he has committed to George Mason and Paul Hewitt. Three-star rated Mayimba becomes the third member of the Patriots’ 2014 recruiting class that also includes small forward Eric Lockett and center Trey Porter.

Mayimba is a bit of a physical specimen and has a division I body already. Defensively he can be a difference maker but his overall offense will need some work. My post from last week on him has a good scouting report from ESPN. He is also a fierce rebounder and works hard on the glass even out of his area. So defense and rebounding, definitely fills a need for George Mason based on what we saw in 2012-2013. Overall he has the physical tools that Paul Hewitt covets in his recruits and seems like a guy that can play multiple spots on the court. Yes he is a bit similar to Eric Lockett but these are the tough, hard-nosed kind of players that Mason has been lacking recently. You need these pieces to round out a competitive roster. Mayimba and Lockett to me seem like guys who will know their role from day one on this team and do whatever is necessary to help the team win.

George Mason still has one more scholarship to fill in this 2014 class. They will most likely be a back court player as both Sherrod Wright and Bryon Allen will be gone next season. Those two are probably going to end the 2013-2014 as the team’s #1 and #2 scorers, so those are big shoes to fill. Also don’t rule out them holding on to to this open spot til the spring time.

Here’s what ESPN says:

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Video highlights from his junior year:

More analysis from inRecruit:

“When watching Therence Mayimba play basketball, the first word that comes to mind to describe his game is raw. He is freakishly athletic (he sometimes takes the jump ball for Montrose Christian as a small forward), but he really needs to work on the fluidity of his game. He dribbles and shoots so rigidly that he looks robotic at times. At 6’6, 200 lbs, Mayimba has prototypical size for a small forward. Since his game is still in the early stages of its development, he is primarily a defensive-minded player right now. That’s not a bad thing. His former Team Takeover brother Victor Oladipo just made it to the NBA being primarily a defensive player. Mayimba plays his AAU ball for a stacked Team Takeover, a team that has multiple prospects heading to play at big time division one schools. His teammates include Phil Booth, four star shooting guard committed to Villanova, James Palmer, four star point guard committed to Miami, Dion Wiley, four star shooting guard committed to Maryland, and Martin Geben, four star power forward committed to Notre Dame. George Mason Head Coach Paul Hewitt is certainly hoping that playing with these guys for one more year raises his game to another level. Mayimba gives Hewitt his third commit for the class of 2014, joining another small forward in three star prospcet Eric Lockett and unranked center Trey Porter.”

  • Scott Doescher

    Yes!! Stud.

  • Kyle Stegner

    It will be real interesting how things will look into the 2014-2015 future season. Mason either will find a replacement for Sherrod and Bryon who is either a point guard or shooting guard. With that being said Vaughn Gray, Corey Edwards, Patrick Holloway, and Marquise Moore could easily take on the starter position. We’re also going to have four small forwards: Anali Okologi, Jalen Jenkins, Therence Mayimba, and Eric Lockett (interesting who will be starting). And Marko Gujanicic and Julian Royal at power forward.
    We’re going to have quite a large number tall giants to intimidate other teams. Team looks deep right now and in the future. I like where we are heading. Paul Hewitt better get us a NIT or NCAA this year or in 2015, or else its time to send him packing.

    • Scott Doescher

      The last 2 sentences are very contradictory.

      • disqus_JpkdfXJa9g

        How? Bigger players who can take up space and intimidate opposing point guards. A roster filled with players who can all contribute to the team and no shortage of players for a position. Doesn’t sound contradictory tome.

        • David Houck

          The last two sentences say that he likes where we are going but also gives an ultimatum to Hewitt… how is that not contradictory? haha

          • Kyle Stegner

            Yeah it’s a little contradictory. My point is if we are going to have that many new players with physical tools Hewitt likes in his system, then it will be quite a dissappointment if we don’t make it to the NCAA or NIT. The past two years Hewitt was trying to reteach Larranaga’s recruits his style. Now Hewitt is getting his kind of players/recruits. I agree with other posters that Hewitt should be given some slack for his first two years, all I’m saying is that in the next two- three years its time to see some results.

        • Scott Doescher

          You didn’t read my comment. The last 2 sentences.

          • disqus_JpkdfXJa9g

            lol just let it go he does have a point. NIT hopefully is within Mason’s reach. NCAA………ehhhh.

  • TonyD

    Love what this kid brings, also seems like he has a lot of potential to grow, especially on offense

  • gmusigs

    I do like this pickup but can’t help but wonder where the scoring is coming from after Wright, Allen, and Arledge are gone. These three recruits all seem to labeled as “raw” offensively.

    • PatDan

      I think what they are doing here is banking on the staff as being able to develop offensive talent better than they can defensive talent. Hewitt isn’t a defensive guru like Larranaga was and he needs guys like this who can contribute on that end right away.

    • Petey

      I welcome this influx of defensive guys, I think we will be fine with Royal, Copes, Holloway, Edwards, and Marko.

      Last season we had trouble closing out games and basically couldn’t stop anybody in crunch time. This recruiting class seems to be addressing that problem.

  • David Houck

    By the way, John Crosby attended Maryland’s Midnight Madness.

    • gmuhoops

      We definitely lost out on him, for whatever reason. He’s gonna play out his senior year and hope for better offers. Might back fire on him though.

      • David Houck

        I think we need a point guard more than a shooting guard because I believe in Vaughn Gray’s talent, hopefully his head comes around.

        • Kyle Stegner

          I can agree to this. No contradiction this time.

    • ScottRandall

      You mean plans to attend? It’s not til Friday…

      • David Houck

        Actually I apologize.. what I read was that he attended last year


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