George Mason tops Rhode Island

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George Mason used a late run to defeat Rhode Island for the third time in the final game of the series between the two teams. It won’t count as an Atlantic 10 win since the series was arranged before Mason joined the conference but still a rewarding victory after coming off two straight road losses. The Patriots used a late 7-0 to seal the victory and held URI without a field goal for the final 4 minutes and 45 seconds. Sherrod Wright and Bryon Allen were clutch down the stretch and the team finally kept the turnovers to a manageable level. Jalen Jenkins had a big game, 9 points and 11 rebounds, while Erik Copes return was hardly noticed.

The school officially announced that senior forward Jon Arledge is done for the season due to injury. I think we have seen him play his last game in a George Mason uniform as he has been absent from the bench in the last two home games and Paul Hewitt used words like “his call” when describing him sitting out the rest of the year. The Post mentions that Arledge has applied for a medical hardship waiver with the NCAA but he will graduate this spring and be able to play right away somewhere else if the waiver is granted. Sad to see him go because he showed real promise but Mason is deep at this position, especially with Julian Royal entering the mix next year, so it’s not a devastating loss.

Mason was close with URI for the entire game but once again showed off a good second half on their home court. Getting to the line was big for them in this one and attacking the rim got the win for them late in the game.

[Photo by Bill Bride]

  • G-n-G

    There was a lot good about last night’s game. The first one
    was seeing how the team rebounded from/responded to those defeats in NY/NJ.
    They cut down on turnovers (especially live-ball) and fouls and cranked up the
    assists. Sherrod was aggressive the whole game, as he was in the Princeton
    game. When he makes up his mind to get his shot it doesn’t seem as though
    anyone can deny him. Corey, Jalen, and J2 easily had their best games of the
    season. Except for a few possessions late in the game when RI went to 1-on-1
    ball, the defense was solid. It wasn’t just the blocks but the little plays
    like Corey doing just enough to disrupt the ballhandler right before half-time
    to keep him getting a good shot off. Or when Marko triggered a jump ball
    instead of an RI fast break by standing in front of the guy who grabbed a
    rebound. Or when Jalen, after having an RI player tap a rebound out of his
    hands under the RI basket, was so clearly pissed off that he was clenching both
    hands and wrapped both arms around every rebound he got after that.

  • David Houck

    What’s the word on Moore’s injury status? Do you have any further thoughts on Jenkins’s performance, it was quite impressive. When would you expect Copes to appear in the starting lineup?

    • gmuhoops

      Very impressed with Jenkins he will continue to get better. He’s already a better rebounder than J2 and Arledge put together. Don’t know anythig else about Moore’s injury at the moment.

    • G-n-G

      Hewitt in the post-game interview said Moore hurt his ankle before the Princeton game, tried to warm up for RI but didn’t feel right. Hopefully a few more days or rest and treatment will allow him to play some on Wednesday. They’ll need a quality backup against Oklahoma and in HI because asking BA to play point really saps his offense and sometimes his defense.

  • StopWearingPurple

    They had several quality defensive stands.
    Do we know why Copes’ playing time was so limited?

    • Bill Bride

      Copes picked up two quick fouls. There is some rust so to speak in him not practicing under suspension (I assume he couldn’t practice, someone correct me if I am wrong) and then not playing the first six games. This is a good week for him to shake that off with a game Wednesday and the BB&T game vs Oklahoma on Sunday. Then the Patriots go two weeks between games.

  • gmu2009

    Nice win for the series sweep. With a solid W at home against South Florida this week I think this team will be showing that they’re finally stepping up!

    • benjaminbradley

      My fear is that South Florida will be a let-down loss and then we lose the next two against Oklahoma and Iowa St. and entering the new year we’ll only be at 5-5. Not quite where we wanted to be entering A10 play. I hope I’m wrong.

      • Kyle Stegner

        5-5 would be a worst case scenario. Right now I see them finishing 6-4 entering the new year. I would be happy if this team can at least win one out of the two (Oklahoma, or Iowa State). Probably a better chance of beating Oklahoma. 7-3 would be a stretch but its possible. If Mason upsets Iowa State it might just be the marquee win needed on Mason’s NCAA resume to gain a at large berth assuming we do well in A10 play.

        • gmu2009

          Absolutely a loss to South Florida would be a worst case scenario let-down loss. Thinking about it like that you realize that South Florida is actually a must win game. I’m hoping that we can finally get a win in the BB&T Classic for once. Iowa State is a beast and most probably a long shot. It would be nice though no doubt about it.