George Mason losses to USF

A lot to talk about but for now just this picture, you will notice Jon Arledge in the stands in gray:

Yes that’s the game-winning shot. Did you find Arledge yet?

  • Robert Kenyon

    That was thoroughly soul-crushing to witness firsthand. Once things started going downhill, Hewitt didn’t even TRY to right the ship until it essentially tied. Where is the coaching? Where is the senior leadership?

    • David Houck

      This team is immune to playing a 40 minute game. They started slowing the tempo and not letting Sherrod attack when they got up big. You can’t give away momentum like that. Fire Hewitt.

  • Kyle Stegner

    The technical foul against Jalen Jenkins was the turning point. The USF players were livid seeing thier own teammate get stepped on. That techinical gave USF the emotional drive to get thier heads back in the game. Even when that happened Mason should have been able to make the stops needed to settle things down…….

    • Bill Bride

      It went against Okoloji, who was probably still pissed at the non foul call the prior Patriots possession where he got mugged under the basket right in front of the ref. Awful loss. I hope they can bounce back Sunday.

  • Andy Minor

    Hm. Turns out I was sitting practically right in front of him. Hope he didn’t hear any of my snide comments about how bad he looked in his first game.

    • mkaufman1

      Heh, he was pretty incognito the entire game. I asked him at one point if he could come back which got a smile and a chuckle out of him. He didnt look happy in general. Not sure if it was because he wanted to play or because he didnt want to be there.

      My few thoughts:

      1) really liked what I saw for the first 30 minutes or so, looked like
      they were listening and finally got how to run an offense, play tough
      defense and rebound. 2) They started off half two strong, which was a
      concern, liked how I saw that too 3) I’m not sure if its coaching,
      mental toughness, some of both etc, but its sad that seniors are still
      not able to recover in types of games like this. Instead of regrouping
      and running plays, they tried to hit 10 pointers and panicked 4) Anali’s
      play was dumb, he let his frustration carry over and the team never
      could turn the tide

      Lets see if Mason can fry the fish bigger than USF..because it certainly wont be the last game against a high level of talent this year.

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