George Mason struggles late in loss to Oregon State

George Mason had a lead with about 2:30 left in the game but struggled to put away Oregon State while suffering their second straight loss in the Diamond Head Classic tournament. They have now lost three straight and five of their last six. The Patriots’ defense and rebounding gave them a chance to win this one but they struggled to put points on the board all game long. Take away Patrick Holloway’s three-point shooting and Mason’s offense was essentially non-existent against the Beavers. Early turnovers prevented them from building any separation and in the final minute of the game they allowed Oregon State’s Robert Nelson to score eight points.

Mason now has a losing record (5-6) in season for the first time since 2009 and doesn’t seem to give much confidence that things are going to get any better soon. Paul Hewitt altered the starting lineup to try to spark something from this group, Sherrod Wright and Corey Edwards were replaced by Patrick Holloway and Marquise Moore. Wright continued to struggle at the start of this game and it severely hurt the Patriots offensively. But even when Wright isn’t having an off day from the field, Mason isn’t all that special on offense. They are very limited with what they are able to do and even what they do well comes and goes through different stretches. Bryon Allen often has to put the team on his back to try to get the win and he ends up trying to do too much.

Rebounding, especially on the offensive end was something they actually did do well against Oregon State. Jalen Jenkins had six boards, four of which were offensive, but unfortunately they were not able to get many second chance points. OSU missed a ton of easy shots early and while Mason had the edge on the glass they couldn’t make them pay for their misses.

For the second straight game they gave the opposing team way too many opportunities at the free-throw line. They only thing worse than watching Mason try to shoot from the free-throw line is seeing their opponents score 17-20 points a game from there. Too many dumb fouls and guys not being in position to make stops.

It’s going to a long season for George Mason.


  • Daniel Wu

    Not going to bother watching mason games anymore. I’m done supporting this team. We are doing worse than last season……wtf.

    • Acustic2001

      I feel like its time for Hewitt to go…..he is not a good coach, Georgia Tech fans know this…

      • Daniel Wu

        As much as I would like Hewitt to go, Tom O’Connor will probably keep him. If we fire Hewitt right now, there is a good chance we might lose commitment from Julian Royal, Eric Lockett, Therence Mayimba, and Trey Porter. It would make things even worse.

        • Acustic2001

          All those talent wouldn’t matter if he can’t coach…. I mean are strength have always been senior leadership and look where were at now….Mason Basketball is no longer fun…I’m still a fan but not a happy one…

  • G-n-G

    Really good analysis of the game. They’ve played good enough defense in both games to get victories, but the offense has let them down.

    One of the commentators mentioned afterward that GMU’s seniors–usually a strength for any midmajor–are coming up small. You can count on J2 for only 5-6 points per game before he just disappears. He’s not even getting assists like he was earlier in the year. BA has been the best senior but even he disappears for long stretches (his only decent shot in the second half came at the 3:40 mark). And Sherrod’s struggles are obvious. He’s scored 7, 2, and 6 in the last three games.

    • eaymar

      That’s a good point. Our championship teams were always senior-led, but they were also led by Coach L.

      I don’t know who the fault comes down to. Hewitt doesn’t help, but he can’t make shots for the players. I’ve said this before, but it’s odd how we always (under Hewitt) either have close games or simply lose. I can’t remember a blowout victory since Hewitt’s first year.

      • mkaufman1

        Agreed with the previous two points. The team is flawed even with senior leadership and its hard to tell how much falls on Hewitt.

        With that said I watched only the last few minutes and here are my thoughts that I emailed to a few friends:

        1) Allen dribbling the ball off his foot (playing PG at a critical moment, thats staffs fault, obviously the dribbling is him)
        2) Copes getting beat on defense

        3)Failure to box out on a rebound
        4) Confusion with 1:30
        to go on where to go (Allen directing Okoloji, then gives it to Copes
        beyond the 3 pt line FORCING Hewitt to call his last TO)
        5) After the timeout, Marko can’t hold onto the ball and has to hoist a 25 footer to beat the shot clock

        6) Marko switches with Holloway on guy with ball, allows a big shot with shot clock winding down

        wont type out anymore, but to me I see these as a combination problem.
        You have your SENIOR dribbling the ball off his foot, a JR getting beat
        on defense. Those are their faults.

        The others, such as boxing out, confusion, defensive switching,
        thats coaching. If Okoloji doesnt know where hes supposed to be thats
        just sad but the fact hes in there with Copes when they need offense is
        crazy in itself.

  • Bentley

    This team will be very hard pressed to win 12 games this year. Year 3 of a coach… They are going the wrong way. When The job was open, they had a chance to bring in Mike Lonergan and he wanted to come here, missed chance to have a solid program continue on.

    Don’t see Mason firing ole Hewitt and paying him to go away either, so get use to under performing, unorganized, mismanaged poor play that is his teams signature.

    • GMUPATS74

      Shoulda coulda woulda. We’ve got to make the best of a challenging situation. It sucks were in a state of freefall but crying about it wont solve anything.

  • Matt Cerilli

    Where are all of the Hewitt lovers now? Same story, different day. But at least Hewitt has a good winning percentage!!

    • G-n-G

      Coming into the season Mason was a pretty good CAA team and a decent A-10 team, with Arledge. Without him, they’ll be lucky to be an average A-10 team, with some really good teams the conference. Most coaches (Hewitt as much as Larranaga) at this level want to ride their seniors. Hewitt certainly did with Ryan and Coach L did with Cam and Ike Tate in his last year. I took it as a good sign that Hewitt was willing to start the freshman Marquise and sophomores Holloway and Marko against Oregon State. There will be rough patches, but they (and Jalen) might ultimately give Mason their best chance at winning this year.

    • GMUPATS74

      It’s easy to kick someone when they’re down right? I’m sure if we were 9-2 instead of 5-6 you wouldn’t be posting such an aggressive comment.

  • rosswill

    Three years ago we were warned by the Georgia Tech community that Hewitt was a decent recruiter and a lousy coach.

  • Ryan Cioppa

    I’m sorry but you can’t blame Hewitt for these last two games in Hawaii. He’s playing more zone defense like we all begged for and he’s playing Moore and Jenkins a lot more. Not his fault his team can’t shoot, dribble, stop fouling, etc. We’ve played pretty solid defense these last two games. The offense is absolutely terrible. It comes down to the players needing to make some damn shots. Hewitt isn’t a good coach, but don’t blame him for these last two games.