George Mason vs Saint Mary’s on Christmas Day

George Mason will take on Saint Mary’s in the 7th place game of the Diamond Head Classic on Christmas Day at 1:30 pm. The Gaels have also stumbled in this tournament but actually pose as one last chance for the Patriots to get a decent win out of this Hawaii trip. Saint Mary’s only losses on the season have come during this tournament and are one of the best three-point shooting teams in the country. Once again Mason is facing a very efficient team on offense with plenty of guys who can shoot the ball. At this point Mason is just trying to get a win on the island and go out on a positive note.

  • Leedy1896

    This may be an “inside baseball” question, but what’s the criteria for a school being invited to play in these tropical tournaments? It must be great for recruiting and fun for the players. As an Alumn, I’ve attended a couple and it’s wonderful. If I can’t go, I like watching on tv. But how many times can a school go 0-3 before the invites stop?

    • G-n-G

      I don’t pretend to know the inner details, but I presume that national name recognition plays a role in selecting teams for these tournaments. In that sense GMU is still treading on the 2006 run.

      Listening to the half-time interview with Coach Kreider, he said the deal to play in Puerto Rico next near is part of a three-year agreement with ESPN (Hawaii being year two) that they negotiated a few years back.

  • G-n-G

    Great win. Showed composure and reversed the trend of leading all game and losing a late lead. J2 had his game of the year, hopefully he can have this same mentality for the rest of the season. The tournament was a coming out party for Patrick and Jalen.

    • GMUPATS74

      Lets hope we’ve turned the corner. Good win against a decent SMU club, despite them being in a 3 game losing streak. Would’ve been crushing to drop this one too.

      • ricandersen

        A win in the seventh-place game, after four losses, and “let’s hope we’ve turned the corner?”

        Do you even understand sports?

        • GMUPATS74

          Is that your picture? Wow you sure are one cranky old man, aren’t you?
          Yeah I understand sports…do you understand the concept of hope?

          • ricandersen

            The Washington Redskins looked good on their last drive. Let’s hope we’ve turned the corner.

            You don’t lose 6 of 8 yet “turn the corner. Not even close. That isn’t optimism.

            Glad you enjoy the picture of my great uncle. No, color photography wasn’t invented at the time. Way to stay on-topic.

          • GMUPATS74

            Thanks. I love you too.

          • ricandersen

            I never said anything about optimism. I took issue only with the term, “turned the corner.” If a corner has been turned, it is the wrong turn, as Mason won their first four games! but just now finished seventh in an eight-team field. Sorry you read more into it.

            Optimism: I hope SMC regains their bearings. If they get back on track, this will be our only marquee victory outside the A-10.

            Optimism: even though we finished seventh in the tournament, our SOS increased dramatically. We had the second-weakest schedule in the A-10 before the Diamond Hope Classic, but now we are top-100 in SOS.

  • mkaufman1

    I’m pleased that Mason was able to get the win against a very good team and I think it helps the teams “mental” state to get off the island with a win. The teams in the tournament were very tough, and while Mason did look better on defense, their offense obviously hurt them in the first two. I’m glad J2 Holloway and BA really turned up a notch to help the team in the 3rd game.

    This is by far the toughest schedule I’ve seen a Mason play in 10 years of following. There are very few cupcakes and most are “at” or “above” the level of competition that Mason will face in the A-10.

    Going forward, they have Penn and ODU as their last 2 out of conference games. Penn sucks and that should be a relatively easy game, but going to ODU is never easy. I hope Mason can keep the momentum going and take the next 2, going into the January 9th showdown at VCU, which is guaranteed to give us Mason fans several heart attacks.

    • shawnc

      vs. Penn is an easy game? I hope you are right, I have not seen Mason blowing out anyone this year.

  • Kyle Stegner

    I’m glad we won. But I think we could have beaten Oregon State too if Sherrod Wright was able to score like he used to. Our offense has been hurting because Sherrod Wright isn’t scoring like he used to. Does anyone know why Sherrod is struggling in providing points most recently? Is it because he is doubting himself recently, is it because we’ve played better teams that are a few cuts above the usual competition Mason plays against, or is it because teams have come up with a good scouting report on him and figured him out?

    • GMUPATS74

      Maybe all three.