George Mason starts off 2014 hosting Penn

We are only two games away from the start of Atlantic 10 conference games. George Mason begins the new year hosting Ivy league opponent Penn tonight. Patrick Holloway and Bryon Allen had the most success in the Diamond Head Classic for the Patriots but they will be looking for guys like Marko Gujanicic and Sherrod Wright to get back on track. Despite going 1-2 in Hawaii, Mason played good defense but struggled to consistently put points on the board.

Currently the team’s defensive efficiency on (points allowed per 100 possessions) is ranked 39th best in the country. What this tells me is that Mason forces an ugly game tempo on most teams. Now they just have to figure out how to come out winners of these types of games. Holloway’s outside shooting is starting to give life to this team’s inconsistent offense. He went 12-for-20 from behind the three-point line in the Diamond Head Classic but will need to keep this up as team’s will start to focus on him. Mason needs to create opportunities for him because he is not as effective when team’s force him to put the ball on the floor before shooting.

With Marquise Moore running the point more and more, we are starting to see some stability from Bryon Allen. He averaged 14.7 PPG in Hawaii and was aggressive in the lane. What they need now is for him and Sherrod Wright to go off on the same night for a change.

Johnny Williams was a big part of Mason’s win over Saint Mary’s. Fluke, or can he continue this? He will have his chance as these next games don’t pose big threats in the front court for him.


    Let’s start 2014 with a win and go into the VCU game with some momentum.

    • timothy

      i’d be even more impressed if we beat umass and st louis once each. i hate to say it but vcu has our number

      • Ryan Cioppa

        I disagree that VCU “has our number”. Having said that, they are a tough as hell opponent and a win against them is always impressive.

        • GMUPATS74

          After struggling to put away PENN at home I don’t see us being competitive in the VCU game.

      • GMUPATS74

        Drove in crappy weather to watch 2 crappy teams play a crappy game. I hate to be negative but I don’t see GMU being competitive in A-10. We should’ve blown PENN out of our building and they almost beat us. GMU always finds new ways to disappoint. And J2 where is that senior leadership? You missed 6 straight free throws and gave the other team life.