George Mason outlasts Penn

With George Mason’s first Atlantic 10 game against VCU less than a week away, the team isn’t doing much to instill confidence that they can compete in the new conference. Last night they were down at halftime to a 2-8 Penn team and then squandered an 11-point lead at the end of the game. The Quakers last three-point attempt fell short and the Patriots survived. It was more of the same for George Mason, turnovers and allowing opponents free walks to the basket for easy layups.

The video below is a quick summary of the game:

Bryon Allen is starting to be more of a leader on the court. He finally attacked the basket consistently and made Penn pay at the free-throw line. Overall it is was the team’s best game of the season at the free-throw line, Allen himself went 11-for-11 there. Allen slashing to the rim and Patrick Holloway hitting threes isn’t a bad offense but they are still hurting with Sherrod Wright’s slump. Wright finished 1-7 from the field and scored 8 points, better than what we’ve seen but not great. Over the last five games he’s gone a collective 7-44 from the field.

Jalen Jenkins provided a good spark for this team and continues to be more aggressive in the front court. Is there any reason at this point for him not to be starting over Johnny Williams? Erik Copes had his biggest game of the season, 6 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 blocks but Mason still wasn’t tough enough in the lane on defense.

Allen and Holloway were a good tandem last night scoring 24 and 18. Holloway has begun to blossom during Wright’s struggles but the team still appears to be looking for an identity on offense. Scary thought considering A-10 play is a mere days away and we are 13 games into the season.


  • mkaufman1

    More of the same crap from these guys. Too many of them refuse to play defense and can get beat left and right (Copes Sherrod and J2). When the team finally woke up, they looked like a competent team, but as usual nearly pissed that away.

    I honestly have no idea who to blame at this point. Its easy and fun to blame Hewitt and co for these guys having lackluster play, but I really dont know how much can be pointed to him since some of the problems with the legacy guys (J2’s defense) have always been a problem. I do think J2’s days are numbered in the starting lineup just like Corey’s was.

    The team is so jekyl and hyde. One night they can be decent (like against UNI and URI) and the next they will look so crappy. I just hope they can stick around .500 in A-10 play.

    For some reason Mason hasn’t done well in guarantee games the last few years (UMBC, Penn, BU), dont know what that is all about either.

  • Flexxar

    Note that Holloway put up 18 points in only 22 mins. Dare I say that if he played 40 mins, that could have been a 36 point game for him…

    • gmusigs

      That would require a player rotation that makes sense, not on Hewitt’s watch!

      • GMU2008

        I don’t understand why Jenkins isn’t starting over J2 and why Edwards continues to get the same amount of minutes as Moore

  • Petey

    This team will struggle to win 6 conference games. Really thought this would be a competitive year for us.

    • GMUPATS74

      Good point Petey. I mean if you struggle to beat Penn at home, how do you expect to win more than 3 games in A-10?

  • Flexxar

    Another interesting stat… Including free throws, Williams made only 1 out of 10 shots on the basket while Jenkins made 7 out of 10. Might be time for a switch there.