George Mason at VCU Drinking Game


George Mason officially kicks off Atlantic 10 play at VCU tonight. Kenpom predicts a 74-61 victory for VCU and Mason is a 15.5 underdog on the betting lines, so buckle up for this one. A drinking game post just seemed necessary. Please drink with caution as you may die if you play this game past the first five minutes of action.

Take a sip of beer or your drink of choice if and when any of the following happens:

-George Mason commits a turnover

-VCU gets an easy lay-up

-George Mason gets a 10 second back court violation

-TV commentators talk about Paul Hewitt being a good coach

-Paul Hewitt’s 2004 national championship appearance is mentioned during broadcast

-Juvonte Reddic rejects Johnny Williams in the post

-TV commentators mispronounce Marko Gujanicic’s last name

-George Mason produces an assist

-George Mason misses a free-throw

Take a five second chug if and when any of the following happens:

-Erik Copes blocks a shot and taunts crowd with finger wagging despite Mason being down by 10 or more points

-George Mason player gets trapped, calls timeout

-George Mason can’t inbound the ball

-Sherrod Wright air-ball

-Anali Okoloji enters the game

-Johnny Williams misses a dunk or lay-up

-Johnny Williams gets an offensive rebound

-Vaughn Gray plays more than five minutes

-Paul Hewitt runs zone defense then after it’s working quickly switches back to man-to-man

-TV coverage shows George Mason players not listening to Hewitt during a stoppage

-George Mason runs their patented deer in the headlights formation play after coming out of a timeout

Finish drink:

-Cameras pan to Paul Hewitt making this face:

Paul Hewitt confused 1

-George Mason wins


    Ha! Ha! Gotta make it fun because tonight Blewitt Ball will have our poor team reeling.
    I predict 31 turnovers.

    • masonfan014

      I would be amazed if we have less than 20 turnovers

  • Rick Jank

    Hilarious! Gonna have to whip out those hangover prevention pills!

  • Cruz108

    This will all happen too

  • Masonfansince03

    HAHAHA, spot on!

    • GMUPATS74

      I feel for any unsuspecting Mason fan that’s sitting next to that moron of a VCU fan tonight!

  • dsnjd1

    Too funny, “everything”, and I mean “everything” that was predicted by Georgia Tech posters when Hewitt was hired is coming true (And have you noticed that attendance at games seems to be falling as well….something that happened at Ga. Tech.). At Ga. Tech he had great success, including totally unpredicted and unexpected run to the Final Four…followed by inconsistent performances that were regularly consistent. Things got so bad that they paid him millions him a bundle just to go away. And to think we could have hired Lonergan from Catholic rather than this train wreck.

    • GMUPATS74

      I was one of Hewitt’s biggest supporters, but now looking back at the first 2 seasons, and now this crap, it appears our beloved program is headed for oblivion.

    • StopWearingPurple

      Passing over Lonergan is the one that baffles me. He was such a known quantity in the local market.

      • dsnjd1

        I think Hewitt was chosen rather than Lonergan because of his Final Four Pedigree, that would allow Merten/O’Connor to show to a pissed-off fan base that they were “dealing with the problem”. I think “but for” the sudden appearance of Hewitt, Lonergan would have been our coach. Who, if you are being honest was a pretty “ballsy” move by O’Connor/Merten, to hire Hewitt. Bring in a well-spoken former final four coach from an ACC school, who was African-American, it all just seemed too good to be true. Guess what? It was.

  • gamoo79

    Better to laugh than cry, I suppose.

  • Paul Tindall

    This is fantastic.

  • gamoo79

    I saw in the paper that Hewitt said “we’re ready”. You can be ready and still lose. Understood. I can live wth that. Happens all the time.

    We shall see though, by effort and at least a semblance of team play, if he is right.