How the 2014 recruits are doing this season

I’ve been trying to follow the 2014 recruiting classes’ high school action this season as much as I can based on what’s out there. All three have been putting together impressive seasons, as one would expect considering they are future Division I kids. But they seem to be developing in areas that could really help George Mason in the future. Especially 6’10” Trey Porter.

Erik Lockett seems to be scoring the most out of the group. He had a few games in December where he scored 24 or more points. According to this site he’s averaging 16.5 PPG and 9.4 RPG. Question is really what position he will play once he arrives in Fairfax. Hopefully he can contribute scoring from multiple spots.

Therence Mayimba continues to be a leader for his Saint James squad. He seems to be averaging 12 points a game among a balanced group but has shown flashes of his scoring ability. In a recent game he scored eight points in a 36-second span to help lead his team to victory. The coaching staff had mentioned he’s really been working on his outside jumper and he even posted a video of himself doing just that.

Trey Porter seems to be developing the most this season. He’s grabbing rebounds a high-rate and playing more above the rim. He’s looking like he will be more than just a rim-protector for Mason. And despite the fact the he still needs to add some muscle to his frame, he’s looking like he could contribute as a freshman.

They still have another scholarship available for this class. They really need a scoring wing or a possibly even a point guard. We most likely won’t know what they are doing with that last spot until the spring. Guard Kobe Eubanks was someone they were looking at for awhile but he’s starting to get more interest from bigger schools and I’m not sure if he’ still in the mix.


    These guys are the great hope for 2014 and beyond.

  • gamoo79

    We shall see if “great recruiter” can eventually translate into great wins. I’m willing to say the jury is still out.

    • GMUPATS74

      From your mouth to the basketball Gods’ ears gamoo79.

      • gamoo79

        I would love to have the GT fans eat their “Blewitt” words.

        • GMUPATS74

          They still bash him on their forums, either they can’t move on or he left a poor legacy behind. We shall see.

          • gamoo79

            Probably the latter, but in a high mid major league, as opposed to having to play the likes of Duke, Carolina, and other major conference schools, maybe he can outrecruit most of the other A10 coaches even if he can’t out coach them. Which hopefully would translate into more victories.
            I know, really poorly stated. Hope you follow GMUPATS74.

          • David Houck

            Its more that they are still paying him that pisses them off

  • Kyle Stegner

    I would love to see Trey Porter replace Erik Copes as starter. A freshman starting over a upperclassmen has already happened with Marquise Moore starting over Corey Edwards. I don’t see Erik Copes getting better next season. He has reached his limits as a “four star” recruit. Julian Royal + Marko and a center who can actually score would help this team moving forward. Relying on two players to score double digit points per game so far this season has resulted in a 7-8 record.


    Its a shame really. The combination of poor coaching and erratic Senior play has hurt our season. I used to look forward to each GMU game with excitement, and now I dread attending games, suddenly having season tickets isn’t all that great.

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