George Mason loses Revolutionary Rivalry, falls to 0-6 in A-10


The battle of the Georges was a decent game of basketball for 20 minutes today. George Mason played their usual good first half and then after an opposing coach made adjustments, that was it. It’s the same every game, Sherrod Wright throwing the ball out of bounds, Bryon Allen missing lay-ups, a zone defense baffling the offense and so on and so on. George Washington was missing their leading scorer but you wouldn’t have known that with how easily they scored in the second half.

It was another good game for Jalen Jenkins, who is playing with so much determination and effort that he almost looks out of place on this team. GW on defense packed the paint and prevented Mason’s guards from penetrating. In fact they were essentially not guarding Marquise Moore and daring him to the shoot the ball. It was a great strategy because it’s a huge weakness on offense for George Mason, Moore literally has no jump shot.

For the Patriots, they were atrocious on defense. Guys were wide-open all day and GW players had an easy path to the basket in the paint. Whether it’s coaching or the players, this team just flat out cannot make adjustments in order to win a basketball game. Every other team seems to counter whatever Mason does well in the first half.

George Mason is currently on their worst losing streak in 15 years.

[Photo by Bill Bride]


  • StopWearingPurple

    The offense continues to get looks and and not take the shot. Today they would consistently get a decent look around the foul line and not take it. The guy sitting next to me was a GW fan and he was bewildered at the looks and penetrations GMU would get and then pass off. I watched some of the game on TV (because I’m a freaking masochist) and the announcer was also wondering why they were tentative on offense.

  • Monèt Sutton

    Can it please be March already so we can be put out of our misery?

  • gamoo79

    Ryan, You told us a couple of weeks ago that TOC said we were headed in the right direction. He can only be referring to the potential of next year’s recruits matching the play of Jenkins. Let’s hope they do.

    • Daniel Wu

      That must be what TOC meant. This is a transition year for GMU in the A10. VCU and Butler were able to adapt really well and flourish. GMU has not and I guess we should cross off this season as a rebuild even though it wasn’t suppose to be. Like Monet Sutton said, the sooner this ends the better. Look forward for fresh new players next season and hopefully turn things around. The morale of this team is dead. Saint Louis is probably going to use Mason as a tune up game.

      • G-n-G

        Butler adjusted to the A-10 but has not to the Big East. The team is 11-9 overall and 1-7 in the conference, with 4 double-digit losses.

        I referenced GW’s trajectory under Lonegan before (10-21 in year one, 13-17 in year two), but here’s another one to consider:
        11-20 in the first year of a coach in a much tougher league
        16-15 in the second year
        11-8 so far in the third year

        Whose record is that? Brian Gregory’s. The guy who succeeded Hewitt at Georgia Tech. My point? This takes time.

        • Daniel Wu

          Yeah I understand what you mean now. In the past when Mason had a veteran squad it meant NCAA or NIT. I think everyone had such high expectations that they forgot this was accomplished when Mason was still in the CAA. Now that its in the A10 a veteran squad from the CAA does not guarantee a NCAA or NIT, the level of competetion is just so much higher. I think everyone is just having a hard time imagining us having a record like this, since the last time we had a record this bad was when Larranaga was in his frist year. The sudden decline is just hard to take despite transitioning in the A10. But your right it will take time.

          • G-n-G

            That makes a lot of sense. I’m a relative newcomer to Mason basketball (intrigued in 2006 but been a follower for about 4 years) so your history with the program is much deeper than mine.

            Counter-factuals are impossible to prove, but I’d guess that this team (even with Arledge) would be tearing up a league (the CAA) where the best team is 14-7 and 4 of the 9 teams have records as bad as Mason’s in the A-10.

      • ricandersen

        Nine players this season are Juniors or Seniors. A batch of new recruits will not “turn things around.” That works for Kentucky, not for schools outside the top 20.

        If we are this bad this season with seasoned players, we won’t improve with an influx of Freshmen.

        There’s a reason we made the Final Four in 2006, and not 2005 or 2004. Out players had gelled together for four years.

  • gamoo79

    Oh yeah, and “Lets Go Nats!”

    • upside2013

      Jumping on that bandwagon

  • upside2013

    Maybe we can get the bumber one draft pick in the A 10.

    • Daniel Wu

      Unfortunately in college ball you get nothing for losing all day. You either accept and continue to lose or choose to at least end the season with some wins. Julian Royal I guess is as close we can get to a number one draft pick.

      • upside2013

        Daniel, I was just kidding about the draft in the A 10 and think need to lower are expections till GMU catches up to the level of competion which is not easy.

        • Daniel Wu

          Yeah I know you were kidding. I’m just saying if there was a number one draft pick for us it would be Julian Royal since he’s the highest rated recruit to ever come here commit or transfer. I think the reason why everyone who watches Mason basketball is dissapointed this year is because everyone had high expectations for a team filled with veterans. Despite having a veteran squad, the schedule and level of competetion has proven to be too much for them which is really a let down for a lot of fans who thought we could finish 6,7,8 in the A10 standings.

  • Acustic2001

    Even if we a talented new recruits, it won’t do much if we don’t have a competent coach to lead the the way…… Hewitt is not fit to coach the Patriots….

    • upside2013

      I welcome talented new players to GMU and in time win and loss records will determine who coaches.

  • G-n-G

    “There is no team.” Yet they had their highest number of assists yesterday, in the 7th loss in a row and could have 4-5 more if BA and Sherrod had converted layups.

    “No fight in this team…no player is willing to light that fire.” Yet you had Marquise sprinting back on defense to break up a layup and Jalen talking with the five players coming out of a timeout to exhort them to play hard and good defense.

    I’ve wondered about Vaughn Gray’s playing time many times, but do you know for certain that he’s better in 30 minutes per game than Patrick?

    • BoredInClass

      I was around some of the players after a recent loss.. Everything I said came from them. There is no vocal leader, nobody that can calm things down when they are in their 5-7 minutes slump that happens every game with around 10 minutes to go in the first half.

    • ricandersen

      Stop. You are lauding the fact that Mason had their highest numbers of assists yesterday? We are 339th in the NCAA in assists. We had 14 assists; so our season highest is still six short of what GW had this game.

      Your evidence of “fight in this team” is a player breaking up a layup?

      Look, we do have assists. We do have players who play hard. But, this team is not cohesive, and this team has little fight. That really isn’t debatable.

  • StopWearingPurple

    Do we know why Marco’s minutes are severely down from last year?

  • gmu2009

    Man! We might not win another game this season! Despite that fact, however, I’m still being prudent on calling for Hewitt’s job. I still stand by giving him his last 2 seasons just to be sure. What I say before about Wright and the other seniors on this squad? Straight poo poo!

  • Educatedone1978

    I have not given up on coach Hewitt. He is not the one causing silly “Tony Romo type apple” turnovers. The players are not playing discipline, and we have to give serious consideration that Alderage and Vertril Vaughn are gone from the team. This is a good CAA team playing in the A “freaking” 10, I mean did you see how big GWU was on the court compared to our guys? We all asked for this and now we have it. Give coach time, we are getting better talent. If he leaves, better believe all those incoming recruits are gone also. As always Go Mason!!!!

    • gamoo79

      I agree. We have to give it time. Besides, Hewitt’s not going anywhere until TOC says he is. And that’s at least two more years. Besides, these new guys could be really good by their sophomore years, and will probably be an upgrade over this years team as freshmen anyway.

  • Sean Cassidy

    This team couldn’t compete in the CAA. Once a team loses the ability to be fundamentally sound (win or lose) there is only one person to blame. The head coach. One of the Celtics assistants would be a nice fit.

    • ricandersen

      Correct, this team couldn’t compete in the CAA. Last year, we dropped to 10-8, and was a 4 seed out of 7 that made the tournament. We had fallen to middle-of-the-pack in a vastly inferior CAA from years previous. I guess, in that light, this season’s meltdown shouldn’t have come as a complete surprise.

      I was saying last year that our great run in the CBI wasn’t great. We were literally five seconds away from being eliminated in the first round, against Charleston. We won by one. In the second round, we needed overtime to advance over Houston. In one way, I wish we had lost that first game, because somehow that tournament somehow elevated the expectations for this season, which isn’t quite fair.

      Last year we finished the regular season 17-13, in a vastly weaker conference, with a much weaker SOS. So maybe 7-13 is where we belong if we were remaining stagnant. But this season was supposed to be a step up, because 1) GMU has a history of playing up or down to its level of competition, and 2) we were fielding a team of Seniors. So in reality, this season is deservedly a disappointment.

      I blame Hewitt. I actually like the arguments being made in his defense, that a lot of new coaches need a few years to turn a program around, or deserve to field their own recruits. But the bottom line is, although we were not a great program, GMU was still a solid mid-major when Hewitt was hired, and we have taken a step back.

  • Acustic2001

    Georgia Tech fans were dead right about Hewitt. He succeeds only when he has NBA talent type players on his team i.e. Jarrett Jack etc from the 2004 team that loss in the NCAA final. They also said that his players did most of the coordination and leadership.
    They warned us, TOC made the decision to bring him here, and the program is in dire jeopardy…. The Program is in a nose dive to utter humiliation and disgrace.
    And we cant do anything about it…..

    • Bill Bride

      Is Corey Edwards hurt or in Hewitt’s dog house? Also, why Vaughn Gray continues to sit on the bench baffles me. I understand these things take time, I look at Mark Turgeon’s Maryland basketball team as an example. Fan base is just as frustrated at him as Mason’s fan base is with Hewitt but neither of them are going anywhere (Turgeon has five more years and Maryland’s athletic department is broke). Both Hewitt and Turgeon have nice recruiting classes coming in next year. This will be the 4th straight season Maryland has missed the NCAA’s.

  • Tom Mccain

    Look. The coach sucks. He’s been here 3 yrs to guide gmu to ncaa tourbament, but this guy us a failure.

    If you want your program to move forward, get rid of this guy as soon as possible. The coach does not know how ti defend or know when to play zone or 1 on 1.

    how can you gmu guys allow rhis guy to ruin your program for another 3 or 4 yrs????
    You guys need to get a new coach right away and gey into the Ncaa tournament right away. No more test and trial with this guy.

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