Sports Junkies on 106.7 The Fan weigh in on George Mason

This morning on 106.7 The Fan the Sports Junkies weighed on the local college hoops scene. Here is an excerpt on the part of the segment where they talk about George Mason. Best quote “they play stupid”:

Haven’t heard the term “stupid” yet to describe this year’s team but yeah it essentially sums up the season. Remember when Jim Larranga was a regular on this show? I think he’s been on more as the Miami coach now than Paul Hewitt has since coming to Mason.

[via 106.7 The Fan]

  • TonyD

    The truth hurts…

  • clueless economist

    “Everybody at Mason hates Hewitt.” Hate is such a strong word. I wouldn’t hate him if he just goes away after the season. But if he stays any longer I will likely hate him.

    • Petey

      Would do you expect them to think, they go to one Mason game and hear the students chanting “Fire Hewitt!”

  • Andy Minor

    At least there’s a little press coverage about how terrible this team is. The more we can get people talking about it the better.

    • GMU2008

      What helps to get Hewitt fired sooner

  • Grad03

    Funny how most outsiders only need to watch one game or a one half to realize how much this program has fallen off a cliff.

  • David Houck

    I was told that George Mason was talked about on Sports Radio 910 in Richmond this morning. From what I was told someone (host or contributor) was on the show talking about how disappointed our fans are with Hewitt and also the fans at Va Tech don’t like their coach either.

  • Chris Hirsch

    Saw the Lurch papa at the game.

  • Chris Hirsch

    I farted after they introduced Hewitt on Saturday.

    • gamoo79

      Classless act. Classless post.

      • GMU2008

        Relax, get a sense a humor

        • gamoo79

          It was classless. Not humorous.

          • Chris Hirsch

            Sorry to hear you never have gas. You must be really blocked up.

          • gamoo79

            What a clever rejoinder. You have made my point…again.

          • Mark Schumaker

            Welcome to the Internet. May I show you some porn?

  • Petey

    I’m ok with losing, this program has gone through it before, but when it’s this obvious how poorly coached this group is, it’s just embarrassing to have to endure. Just not much to be hopeful about besides Jenkins.

    • gamoo79

      Still love the logo!

      • gamoo79

        That would be your logo, Petey

    • David Jonathan

      Petey, did you create that logo. I love it!

  • StopWearingPurple

    I wish Lurch had given details on how they “play stupid”. I don’t doubt its accuracy, but I would be interested to know if he sees what we see or if he sees something else.

  • dsnjd1

    Things are bad all over, Va. Tech fans are lamenting the hire of former Mason assistant James Johnson and are longing for the days of Seth Greenberg. Tech’s horrible too! Tech was too stupid,and Mason too cheap. The two sides of a coin called “losing”.

  • Doug

    This team has no mental toughness. Aside from the VCU game, they hung with all the conference opponents thus far. They just can’t win down the stretch. That comes down to coaching and mental toughness.

    I knew we were in for a tough season but this is frustrating.