Dayton routs George Mason

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Another Atlantic 10 game for George Mason, another loss. This time it wasn’t a close one that the Patriots gave away late in the second half. They were out of this one right after being tied at 19 early in the first half. The effort wasn’t there, which given the state of the program, is hardly something surprising to witness. I know the players haven’t given up on the season but I’d expect to see more games like this one as they don’t have much left in the tank. The offense was particularly atrocious and also no existent for some stretches in this game, while Mason let the Flyers shoot 55% from the field. The season has come down to Mason allowing opposing to teams to score easy baskets a very consistent rate. Even when Mason played well against some top tier teams they did this and it was on display again last night.

The outlook continues to look bleak and even with Bryon Allen saying at the press conference that team is going to “eventually make a run”, it’s difficult to believe that’s happening.

The team is currently on their worst losing streak since the 1994-95 season.

Fun stat: both the men’s and women’s basketball teams at Mason are winless in conference play.

[Photo by Bill Bride]


  • clueless economist

    Who is responsible for the mess that is the Men’s and Women’s program? That person needs to be fired now so his successor can have time to hire the right guy.


      The AD is ultimately responsible for the programs. May be time for new blood at that level.

      • David Jonathan

        I had a conversation with our AD last season, saying it is time to release Hewitt. Looking at his resume Hewitt’s resume it was stupid to hire him, but to retain him any longer is just CRAZY.

        Seeing that the Men’s and Women’s basketball is winless in the A10 it is time to consider a new athletic director! As much as I hated Mertin, I know Tom, and Hewitt would be gone if he was still around.

  • Bill Bride

    Parking and traffic in and out a breeze (Nine game losing streaks do this)
    Pregame media meal wasn’t bad. When you miss lunch everything is good.
    I have a new name for my College Basketball all name team, Scoochie Smith, a back up guard for Dayton.

  • Daniel Wu

    Mason was predicted to finish 8th in the A10 with Jonathan Arledge on the roster. We are now in last place with Arledge not even on the team anymore.
    If Jonathan Arledge was still on this team and playing- would our overall record be less dissapointing?
    Jonathan Arledge did have a pretty decent mid range jumper which I feel would have helped a lot in several of those close games we had before the loss last night.
    Anyone here think the record would have been less dissapointing if Arledge was not injured and playing good minutes for Mason?

    • tommy2

      To say one guy, let alone an average to slightly-above-average player, like Jonathon Arledge, would make a significant difference in the systematic problems facing this team, is, in a word, delusional; yet, hypothetical, so roll with it!

      • Daniel Wu

        Good point. Just wanted to know if the outcome would have been any different if we had one extra guy that didn’t leave the roster. That’s all.

  • Chris Hirsch

    What’s left to say? Hopefully they can beat St. Bonaventure on Homecoming and at least win one more game this season.


      Even that’s looking pretty slim.

  • SameSeatSince1990

    Post Game interview interesting only from the point that the Coach put all the blame on the team’s lack of effort and not running the proper screens, etc. In other words he did his job teaching x’s and o’s. No responsibility for motivating them I guess. They have come out flat in the second half you have to wonder what he says (or doesn’t say). I think he has lost them.

    • Sean Cassidy

      You’re absolutely right on. It’s never his fault.

  • SameSeatSince1990

    “come out flat in the second half so many times”


    Last night was the worst night in my life as a GMU fan. Behind me all the Dayton fans were laughing at GMU and making fun of the players and how “Easy” it is score on Mason.
    I wanted to say something back but what can you say? The proof is out there. We went from Final Four to A-10 cellar-dwellers.
    I wanted to get rid of my remaining season tickets but the only way I can sell them back is letting the Ticket office give me credit for next season. Why would I want to renew season tickets for this program?

  • Rick Jank

    Last night’s game can be chalked up two different ways. One, teams have off nights when their talent doesn’t show up and the freshman show their age, and that was us last night. And when you suffer from inferior team coaching to begin with, individual talent is all you have to rely on. Two, that problem is exacerbated when your opponent IS well-coached, and in our case it is a real problem when the well-coached part is the fast, crisp passing that Dayton showed. It was a piece of cake for them to get us out of position defensively.

    I’ll say it again: the silver lining in all this is that it could hasten the departure of the coach.

    • rosswill

      I agree with your solution but Hewitt was hired by the AD. They both need to go because how can we trust Tom O’Connor to make a quality coaching decision? He let Coach L go after everything he did for the university, and hired Hewitt when there was plenty of advice from the GT community not to do it.

      As far as boycotting the games until the coach is replaced, it would be much more effective if we alums just closed out checkbooks for a while. I think that the University would respond if the donations began to dry up.

  • Tom Mccain

    Wow, this coach Hewitt sucks. GMU can’t afford to test 2 or 3 more years to rebuild. GMU needs to go to an NCAA tournament as soon as possible. VCU, in their first year in A-10 has dominated and went to the NCAA tournament.
    Look where VCU and Butler is today. Top 25 teams after final four.
    How can GMU people be so patient with this terrible coach? You can’t afford to wait 2,3 more years for GMU to go to an NCAA tournament. You need to change the coach right away and start going to the NCAA tournament.

  • Quel Esteve

    Frankly we all knew we would miss coach L dearly the second we learned about his departure. However, not in my darkest nightmares I ever thought the program would take such a dive. Plainly, this team has become embarrassing to watch or to follow…

  • StopWearingPurple

    That was the earliest we’ve left a game in a very long time. In the second period nobody was really paying attention to the game as there really wasn’t anything to watch. Finally at the under eight timeout we bailed.

    • Season Ticket Holder

      I bailed with 8 minutes to go as well. If we want a change, I recommend that we stop
      attending – no more season tickets, – no more patriot club contributions. Hit them
      where it hurts. Let the AD explain to the University President why the money flow has dropped.

  • David Houck

    How was the student turnout on Wednesday Night?

    • Season Ticket Holder

      Down and light.

  • upside2013

    I will take the win today and hey another win or two will move out of the 10 celler. GMU strength of schedule #46 in Division 1 schools which shows why they have struggled to win
    this year not the CAA. Will need to play at much higher level to be winning

  • upside2013

    COACHING REALLY MATTERS AT THE COLLEGE LEVEL. NOT SO MUCH AT THE PRO LEVEL WHERE PLAYERS MATTER MORE ………Butler 11-10 this year in the new big east and cellar dwellar. Lost great coach but also will need to rebuild or get there old- young coach back from the woefull Celtics one of worst teams in the NBA this year! If Celtics lets Coach Stevens go I am sure he can still coach in college for GMU lol. Petino struggled in pros also and great coach at the college level ask cool hand Luke?

  • Acustic2001

    Such a sad way to end there college careers i.e BA, JA, and who ever else is in the senior squad. And I thought Louis Birdsong had a terrible Senior year….