George Mason takes Saint Louis to OT again, can’t close

A very similar game to the one George Mason played at Saint Louis just two weeks ago. A hard fought battle that went into overtime and with Rob Loe hitting dagger three-pointers. Loe isn’t a great three-pointer shooter but Mason seems to bring out the best in his outside shooting. Frustrating to watch the Patriots, once again, have their way on offense against one of the nations best defensive teams and still come up short. Offensively Mason was rolling but they couldn’t make a stop to save their lives. Both teams played hard the entire game but it was clear to see who is used to losing and who is on an 18 game winning streak.

Last time against the Billikens it was Bryon Allen who topped the 30 point mark but last night it was Sherrod Wright who finished with a career-high 34. Allen had a buzzer beater three-point off of a steal at the end of the first half, then went scoreless in the second. He was shaken up a bit on a hard fall to the basket but he’s lack of offensive power in the second half made them very one-dimensional.

The defense certainly hasn’t gotten better but the team’s rebounding and free-throwing shooting has. They have proven they can trade punches with other sound offensive teams but they just can’t seem to every make stops when it counts.

[Photos by Bill Bride]


  • Daniel Wu

    Going to have to agree with Stan Van Gundy. This Mason team plays hard each and every night and has not given up. We are probably the best bottom dweller team in the A10. However having your efforts not translate into wins suck. The seats are empty, the only ones still attending these home games are middle aged folks who can’t get rid of thier season tickets. Not much else to say. They can play well but can’t get those wins.

    • StopWearingPurple

      Hey, give us oldsters credit for still showing up. It would have been easy to just skip the game.

      That said, I am not offended by people not showing up when the program is really in a funk. Its probably the best and most visible way to show the administration that this cannot continue.

      • Chris Hirsch

        I thought the student attendance last night was pathetic. Top 10 team is in town and like 25 kids were there.
        2013-14 Mason Hoops – Best Bottom Dwellers in the A-10!

        • GMURULES

          We have 30,000 active students and 7,500 are on campus. They cannot walk over for a game. I hope administration paid attention, at same time, come on kids, you have to show up with top 10 team is in town. Who will be rushing the court, us old guys? We may pull a hammy.

    • GMUPATS74

      Make that one young guy who cant get rid of his season tickets either.

  • Rick Jank

    The team’s lack of discipline and focus down the stretch is completely frustrating. Still, this team has to be encouraged by the fact that they can play with anyone in the conference. The talent is there.

  • Erik Hernquist

    I’ll give then credit – they have been playing entire games these days. It’s no longer a tale off two halves.

    With that said, i believe that these close losses are in their heads. They just paniced in overtime.

    Right now I’m just hoping for a run during the A10 tournament.

  • StopWearingPurple

    Tough loss. I think the OT really showed the talent disparity between the two teams. SBU cleared out to the wings and challenged GMU’s two best players to beat their two best players. That’ not a knock on our guys but a nod to theirs. In the end I tip my cap to the entire team for the hard work and hustle.

  • Masonfansince03

    Ya, another loss in a close game, but at this point, all I can say is that the team is playing really good for about 99% of the game, just need to figure out how to win these games. I am encouraged though by the team, we have the talent to play with anyone in our conference, which we have proved already, so I am still saying that it wouldn’t surprise me if we went deep in the conference tournament! Not saying we are going to win it and go to the big dance, but if we can figure out how to close out these games, we have the talent to do it. Like Erik said, I think it’s in their heads that in a close game, they are going to lose, just need to reverse that mind set, and they’re good. Go Mason!

  • ECE2013Alum

    Couple comments on last night’s game;


    First: Having a starting point guard (Moore) who literally cannot
    hit a 10-ft jump shot is a huge handicap. It’s just baffling how awful his
    shooting form is. His form needs to be taken out back and shot. And he needs a
    new one. Like STAT.

    Second: Son, don’t you know white boys can shoot?? That’s
    something you all should’ve learned in like 5th grade on the
    playground… Don’t give the white boys open looks at the basket from long range
    in OT!!! (I don’t care how tall they are, they’re WHITE!!!) LOL


    Honestly, I hope we see SLU in the conference tourney
    because it’ll be difficult for them to beat us 3X in a row.

    A key to winning is obviously knowing how to win, but I
    think knowing how to lose in close games is also key. We’ve been there, we know
    what not to do, and so that knowledge can help us in tournament play when the
    games are on the line.

    I like how we essentially have an 8 man squad. I think
    building around a TEAM is key. We’re getting the chemistry down with these guys,
    and all we need to do now is capitalize… I have faith that it’s all going to
    click in one of these close games, even if it’s not until the tournament.

  • Chris Hirsch

    Cool picture of Mason Killer Rob Loe, can see myself looking horrified.

    • gmuhoops

      And Kaufman yelling something haha

      • mkaufman1

        Haha, this team causes me to yell constantly. In this picture I’m fairly certain I yelled “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” or “NOT AGAIN”

        • Ryan Cioppa

          ^ hahaha!

        • Andy Minor

          Dang I picked the wrong game to skip. I could have been yelling something too. Or I might have just been in my seat pissed with my jersey over my head…

          • mkaufman1

            Chances are you probably would of did that, although you probably would have joined in with the rest of us going nuts which made it fun…other than that, same old.

          • Andy Minor

            Nothing beats my blow up at the SFU game where I kicked my chair and got mustard all over myself.

  • GaMoo79

    Agree with most of whats been said here. We are sooo close. And just maybe with a small upgrade in talent we can put ourselves in the A10 championship mix in a year or two.
    Two points of real frustration: How many times are we going to turn the ball over or commit a foul with one second left?, and will we ever decide to cover Loe? Aaarrrggghhh!

  • Rick Jank

    Just read this in the Bubble Watch section of
    Poor George Mason. With a couple exceptions, every single one of the
    Patriots’ A-10 games has been determined by a possession or two, some of
    them in overtime. On Wednesday, for the second time this season, Mason
    pushed Saint Louis to the wire. For the second time, the Billikens held
    on for a win — their 18th in a row. George Mason is a horrifying
    opponent for the bubble teams in this league — a dangerous blend of
    quality basketball and ugly RPI.

  • David Houck

    We got a shout out on Bubble Watch haha.

  • Doug

    The team can’t win. That’s the reality of it. Lack of mental toughness comes back to the coach.