• Doug

    Yeah, that’s about right. The proof is in the fact that they lose all of their close games. That simply means that this team does not know how to win. The lack of mental toughness is a testament to their coach who was run out of GA Tech. It’s Hewitt’s fault.

  • Justin Edwards


  • Masonfansince03

    You know what, this past game against St. Louis, in regulation anyway, Hewitt was actually caught coaching, multiple times! He even got so into it that he got himself a T, that was good to see! He saved his timeouts until the end of the game when he needed them, even called a really good timeout and drew up a good play to give the ball to the correct person (sherrod, who was on fire) who everyone cleared out for and sherrod drove the hole and got a nice bucket. For the first time in two years, I actually thought Hewitt did a good job in this game! (again, regulation, not so much in OT)


    I rather win ugly then lose pretty any day.

  • dsnjd1

    There is an interesting article on CBS Spotsline.com, about coaches on the hot seat. They include former several former CAA coaches: ODU Coach Oliver Purnell of DePaul, former Mason assistant James Johnson of Virginia Tech and former VCU Coach Alan Grant of Alabama. Paul Hewitt’s name is nowhere to be found. Interesting. Is this evidence that we have sunk, so far so fast, that no one cares about Mason anymore? Or just evidence that Hewitt’s job is safe? Or perhaps both?

    • GaMoo79

      He’s safe for two more years…at least.
      Hewitt and TOC are not just employee and employer, they are friends.
      And, hopefully, this will be a moot point by this time next year. I believe we will be winning!

      • Daniel Wu

        Hewitt had a winning season in the 2011-2012 season. But a weak schedule and bad RPI from the CAA prevented Mason from getting an NIT at large bid. 2012-2013 season was a dissapointment but the record was still modest at best. Most of these other coaches on the list have been at thier school anywhere from 4-6 years and have had most thier 4-6 seasons be complete downfalls similiar to this year’s Mason team.

        This is only Mason’s first year under Hewitt with a complete downfall. This is Hewitt’s third year at Mason. The ones on the list 4-6 years average. Hewitt was okay first year, modest in second year, and disaster in this year. The coaches on the list have been disasters even after a full cycle clean (graduated the previous coach’s recruits and using thier own hand picked recruits)

        Mason switched conference, and Hewitt finally will have an almost clean cycle with majority of his recruits and only 2 Larranaga recruits left. I agree with you Gamoo79. Two more years at most.

        • David Jonathan

          Three out of four seasons from 2007 to 2011, Hewitt’s team posted losing records. For the 2010-11 season, attendance and general fan interest had diminished to the point that Tech failed to sell out a single home game. Georgia Tech finished the season 13-18 and were eliminated in the first round of the ACC Tournament. All in all Hewitt sucked before he even arrived at Mason, and we thought well maybe he would able to do magic in a weaker conference.No he will always be a joke coach with one magical year.

          Lets not forget his time serving as a FIBA U19 coach. He took only 5tth. America is a basketball powerhouse with the best talent. How did he only place 5th. Oh that’s right, cause he sucks as a coach.

          • David Jonathan

            Despite my hatred for this hire, Hewitt is safe. TOC is an egotistical man, who is to proud to say he made a mistake in hiring him.

          • GMUPATS74

            Wow you’ve sure been busy sipping haterade.

          • David Houck

            It’s not considered “haterade” if it is completely warranted and deserved criticism.

          • GMUPATS74

            But hate and sports should never be uttered in the same sentence, unless its to bash the Dallas Cowboys.

    • StopWearingPurple

      This has been a frustrating year to be sure (hence the change in my avatar). I also don’t care for some of his philosophies vs. Coach L . That said, he has had three years of bringing in his players, playing with hold overs from the golden era, and switching to a much, much tougher conference (6th ranked RPI vs 15th ranked RPI).

      He also has Jenkins who could be the A-10 rookie of the year and Julian Royal who will be done with his red shirt year. It is just too early for him be on the hot seat.

      • GaMoo79


        • GMUPATS74

          Yes, as much as this decline has been upsetting I keep looking at TOM CREAN of Indiana and how his first three years were worse than what we’ve experienced. That was a different situation but still I hope the same happens to GMU.

          One more year, then judgment day.

      • Daniel Wu

        As frustrating as it is, I am glad I am not the only one who believes a little more time is needed. I agree as well.

      • Rick Jank

        I’ll accept the fact that a little more time is needed, but it is with a large dose of “I told you so” held in reserve for when the call for his firing is completely unanimous. I hope I am wrong, and that we turn a corner, but then again I have to wonder that with improvement (such as our recent wins and stronger showings), it will argue against his firing, and we will find ourselves with a coach who is just good enough to avoid the axe but who will never be good enough to post any kind of tournament success.
        And for the record, someone mentioned earlier that Hewitt’s first and second years were decent and then mediocre. Not in my book. We had a talented team his first year that underachieved, and last year we completely floundered in a very noncompetitive CAA, though we finished well in the CBI.

  • Bill Bride

    George Mason = Maryland. Mark Turgeon is in his third year as head coach and Maryland hasn’t made the NCAA’s. Both Mason and Maryland had great runs in their post season’s last year and much was expected of them this year. Dez Wells and Seth Allen pretty much mirror Sherrod Wright and Bryon Allen. Maryland plays stupid at times and turns the ball over a lot. Both these two teams have a lot on common. Fan base is also ticked off at Turgeon’s game decisions. Hopefully better days ahead.

    • GMUPATS74