2014 signee Eric Lockett leading his squad in the playoffs

3-4-2014 4-30-16 PM

Eric Lockett could have the biggest impact among the 2014 recruiting class for George Mason. I was told by some recruiting analysts who watched him that he is a kid who will “bleed for his team”. Turns out he literally does just that. In a recent playoff game he came back from injury to lead his victory while scoring 22 points:

“The 6-foot-6 senior, a George Mason signee, sustained a facial laceration during the first overtime session, but he returned in the second extra period to score three important baskets in the final 3 minutes.

“I just wanted to do this for my team,” Lockett said. “All I could think was that I didn’t want to lose this game.”

How badly does George Mason need players of this type of character?

  • GaMoo79

    Hard nosed winner. Reminds me a bit of Kenny Sanders. I believe he was our first 1500 point/ 1000 rebound guy.

  • Daniel Wu

    Sounds like a guy who has the potential to be a starter. Already happened with Marquise Moore over Corey Edwards.