George Mason falls short on Senior Night

George Mason added a final disappointing home loss to the 2013-14 season last night against Duquesne. Honoring their seniors and playing for a chance to bypass the Wednesday game of the Atlantic 10 tournament wasn’t enough motivation apparently. A team that hadn’t looked like it had given up at any point during conference play looked defeated early on in this one. Bryon Allen and Sherrod Wright combined for 42 points but the team was unable to stop any of Duquesne’s runs. The second half started with the Dukes hitting consecutive three-pointers, something we’ve seen happen far too often this season.

Considering Mason was still playing for something last night this loss was baffling on another level. Now they enter the conference tournament on a sour note and idea of them being a dangerous team in the field is again looking like a fantasy. They again let a team shoot over 50% from the field and showed atrocious perimeter defense.

[Photos by Bill Bride]


  • G-n-G

    Duquesne wanted that game more than Mason. They played with more energy and desire from the opening tip. Their best player (Soko) was also their emotional leader. The defense was bad in every facet–guard play on the perimeter (everyone regularly got caught on screens), interior (over-rotation to stop drives led to easy buckets for their bigs), and transition (too many breakdowns to count).

    Reviewing the play-by-play on the Fordham game, Mason was up big in both halves, then Fordham pulled ahead at the 8:30 mark in the second half, they last tied at the 4:30 mark, Fordham put on a spurt, Mason played catch-up but never got closer than 2 down the stretch. Considering that Fordham just played GW much tougher than Mason did, I hate to say it, but it’s easy to envision a very short stay for Mason in Brooklyn.

    Here’s to next year. Go Mason!

  • G-n-G

    Looking at their last ten games (when the team really started to jell), Mason won 4 of 6 when they had at least three players score in double figures. And it lost all four games when there were only two double-digit scorers. Only Sherrod and Bryon scored in double figures last night, which for this team is a recipe for defeat and probably is a point of emphasis for opposing coaches (i.e. Wright and Allen will get theirs but let’s shut down everyone else).

  • GaMoo79

    Ryan is right. How many times have we opened the second half giving up several threes?
    I’m glad this season is over. Yes? Its over…even if we beat Fordham.
    Get your Natitude on! Play ball !

    • GMUPATS74

      That’s what I was about to say, so ready for baseball its not even funny. Even the Wizards are more exciting to watch than this bunch. Never thought I’d ever hear myself say that!

  • GaMoo79

    Ok. Sure. Maybe a little harsh. But its so frustrating. Would it be good to get past Fordham and pull an upset or two? Of course. Would I be excited? Yes. But do I think it will happen? Not really.

  • StopWearingPurple

    After they give up so many open threes and continued to leave guys wide open on the perimeter I in left frustration at the under 12:00 timeout. I seriously didn’t care if they came back to win the game. It was the 30th f***ing game of the season and it was happening yet again and against one of the worst teams in the conference (I know, what does that make us). I really hope that gets fixed next year.

    • GaMoo79

      Yes, 30th game! Where is the pride? The grit? The hustle? This was, in essence, a tounament game. How much do you put on the coach? How much on the players just not having enough competitive spirit in their gut? How much on them just not being very good?
      I dont think anybody really knows. Including anybody on the team. Lost season….Do the answers really matter anymore? Not for this year.
      I really hope by next year there is enough promise shown by the new guys to get us excited again. We’ll see.

      • GMUPATS74

        Well said. This is harsh of me to say but this year’s seniors had no heart and no character. The end!

  • Matt_LC

    What’s amazing is that against LaSalle the passion was there. They played really hard. Copes hit the floor four times in the first four minutes. LaSalle’s D was tough and instead of getting frustrated and chucking threes we had what I think was our best passing game of the year. Granted we blew a ton of shots in the paint but we scrapped and got the ball back. How do you come home two days later and play soooo poorly???