• ricandersen

    Heh. What channel is the GMU/Fordham gameā€¦?

    • Chris Hirsch

      ESPN, the Ocho.

    • GMUPATS74

      A-10 website says A-10 network only.

      • StopWearingPurple

        I am having PTSD flashbacks to the first time Mason made the
        NCAA tournament in 1989 and it was on some channel like WNVC 56. I had to stand with one hand on the antenna
        and my foot out the window just get a snowy signal of Indiana drubbing us in a 15 vs 2 matchup.

        • GaMoo79

          That was the game where we were throwing up so many bricks, the announcer referred to us as “George Masonry”. At the time it made me mad. In retrospect, it really was pretty clever and funny.

          • Andy Minor

            Yeah that’s classic. Why haven’t we all been using that?

  • GaMoo79

    Lets say we get past Fordham. Dayton killed us in regular season.

    • GMUPATS74

      Wouldn’t be surprised if we lost this play-in game.

      • GaMoo79

        Yep. We already lost to them once.