• ricandersen

    Pomeroy having Mason only a 2 to 1 favorite over Fordham is telling. Fordham has lost eight straight games.

    • GaMoo79

      Hey, at least we’re favored. Right now I’ll take anything I can get!

    • Matt Cerilli

      Not really a surprise. There was a time this season when we lost 9 straight games and it’s not like we are rolling into the tournament as a hot consistent team. I am surprised we are favored that much to be honest.

  • chris_y

    Please, just give me something to root for…


    So done with this team; I’m gonna go watch the Wiz tonight.

    • ricandersen

      Spoiler alert: Evillene melts when Dorothy throws water on her, and the spell on the Winkies is lifted.

      • GMUPATS74

        Ohh…that’s right, I have a Paul Hewitt voodoo doll in my closet.