Anali Okoloji leaving the program

3-14-2014 12-14-45 PM
This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, as he wasn’t on the bench during Wednesday’s Fordham game, but it appears that redshirt junior Anali Okoloji is leaving the program:


Okoloji is set to graduate this May, he originally transferred to Mason in Paul Hewitt’s first season here from Seton Hall. He essentially didn’t see any action on the court after late January and the staff has been continuing to look at 2014 recruits recently to fill his scholarship.

The team already has four freshman coming next season in the 2014 class. Going to be a lot of new faces on the team next season.

  • Daniel Wu

    Anali is a great student and pretty popular on campus, but unfortunately on the court not so much. I wish the best for him.
    Good news is Mason now has another scholarship! Time to find a stud SG,PG, or SG/SF. Most of the top talents have already been taken, but who knows maybe we will find a diamond in the sand.
    Can’t hurt finding a PG or SG for sure. Juvonte Graham comes to mind, recently decommited from Appalachian State.

    • Leedy1896

      I think that’s Devonte Graham. I think Appalachian State still has to release him, but with a new coach, it’s more likely

  • Bill Bride

    That’s too bad. I like him a lot personally, he’s always say hello to me during warm ups so I rooted for him and I will continue to do so wherever he goes. Nice guy.

  • Educatedone1978

    This would hurt only if he actually contributed on the court in any type of fashion. However, I wish him the best but he wasn’t no Kevin Foster (Fresno State and drafted by the D league), Jay Threatt (Delaware St. great steals leader) or Rashad Whack ( leading his team to the NCAA tournament 2x). Those were bad losses to the program. This one not so much. We had such high hopes for him only because he was a Big East player. Go figure.

    • Daniel Wu

      Well hopefully Hewitt can find another PG or SG or perhaps a swingman who can contribute immediately if possible starting next season.
      It’s a blessing in disguise.

      • GMUPATS74

        Yes. Everything happens for a reason, doesn’t it Daniel?

  • BoredInClass

    Any 5th year senior transfer possibilities?

    • Daniel Wu

      I don’t think the Mason mens basketball program would be interested in senior transfers, has not happened in recent years. Most likely looking for freshmens they can mentor and churn into talented players who can contribute ASAP.
      Devaughn Purcell is someone Hewitt and his staff are looking at for the moment. Lots of SEC schools after him though.

      • BoredInClass

        I think the program would be interested in someone who can come in and automatically be a go-to guy like Maurice Creek is for GW.. if they arent then they are insane..

  • G-n-G

    I wish him the best. He seemed like a nice guy and was articulate in an interview he did for the student-run sports show. Coming so late to basketball (age 15, but his account) puts him at a big disadvantage developmentally with other players but maybe there’s a low D-I or D-II school where he can find playing time. But he also was part of one of the ugliest episodes of this forgettable year.


    I will Anali the best. Good kid, hard worker. God Bless!

  • Daniel Wu

    There are rumors that Corey Edwards and Vaughn Gray are filling out thier transfer papers and leaving the program. Anyone know if this is true?
    If so looks like we we going to have a completely different team with lots of new faces.

    • GaMoo79

      Don’t know, but plenty of folks left Bennett’s program at UVA and you see where they are now.

    • BoredInClass

      Where have you seen these rumors?

    • Educatedone1978

      Daniel, hmmmmmmm…….unless I’m mistaken, I believe both Edwards and Gray left the program with their garbage play 2 yrs. ago. We’re just the last to know. I say get rid of all the CAA players and bring in A-10 talent.

      • Daniel Wu

        I don’t know if they are actually leaving. But it sounds like your into having a complete overhaul of the roster if it is true.
        I don’t think Vaughn Gray is a garbage player…..he barely played- can’t evaluate him based on playing time. He’s 6-5 so he fits the A-10 mold.

      • BoredInClass

        So then next year we would have 6 players..
        PG- Marquise Moore
        SG- Isaiah Jackson
        SF- Therence Mayimba
        PF- Julian Royal
        C – Trey Porter
        6th man – Eric Lockett
        Obviously I know you’re semi-joking.. Just thought I’d set a lineup full of the players that were recruited to play in the A-10.

        • Daniel Wu

          Just like how Marquise Moore outplayed Corey Edwards this season. I would not be suprised if Trey Porter performs better than Eric Copes.
          Can Isaiah Jackson make perimeter shots? I would have put Therence Mayimba at SG instead.

          • BoredInClass

            Porter needs to put on a ton of muscle. From what I’ve seen on film he is very lanky and hasn’t grown into his frame. I think he is a great redshirt candidate with the depth we have in the front court. Mayimba should start at the 3 next year if his defense is as good as his scouting report suggests. Holding out hope we can get a 5th year or JC transfer to come in at the 2 guard spot.

  • Mike

    I wish him well, but I pin the downfall of the Mason season when he stomped on the face of USF’s Collins. It took a long time for Mason as a team to regain confidence after the ensuing collapse in that game. I don’t think Hewitt ever really forgave him given his limited minutes after returning from his suspension, either. I hope he can get a fresh start with a transfer.

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