Trey Porter named Virginia 5A state player of the year

Trey Porter VA champ

Future George Mason Patriot Trey Porter recently won the Virginia 5A state title with his Potomac Panthers. He was also just named Virginia 5A state co-player of the year in Virginia. It’s a big honor and Porter’s game has expanded this season and he has become an excellent rebounder, shot-blocker, and free-throw shooter. All things George Mason needs improvement on heading into 2014-15.

  • Erik Hernquist

    Hewitt certainly is a good recruiter. Now if he could only refine those coaching skills and develop some of these players. Seeing Jenkins this year gives me hope…

  • Daniel Wu

    Hopefully Eric Copes is refining his hook shot and working on his conditioning. If not, I would not be suprised to see Trey Porter take the starting position from Eric Copes, that is of course if Trey Porter is not redshirted and can make an impact immediately.

    • GaMoo79

      I can’t see why they would redshirt him. Copes has proven to be only an average player who can’t stay out of foul trouble. We need help NOW, and I’m sure Hewitt knows it.

      • gmuhoops

        Well he’s very skinny and needs to add muscle. His height won’t be as big of an advantage at the next level. That being said he’s made a lot of improvements to his game since he committed so who knows. You’re right though it’s like they don’t need the help.

        • Mason Mom

          I agree with you both, Trey needs to bulk up over the summer because we really need a big man going into next season. Can’t see him redshirted. Trey should be a great addition. I think a lot of Eric’s problems lie with his hip injury. Hip tears like his typically have a slow recovery even with surgery. I think that is why we see bursts of promise from him when there are longer breaks between games.

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