Watch Trey Porter in a dunk contest

2014 commit Trey Porter is tall and labeled as “rim protector” but man can he dunk. It’s been awhile since George Mason fans have been able to witness some entertaining dunks during games (remember Gabe Norwood’s alley-oops?) so this could be a real treat in the near future. If anything this points to his raw athletic ability, a quality Paul Hewitt never had difficulty recruiting. Below is the video, he’s #15 in the navy blue:

  • mkaufman1

    I know its just dunking but holy crap those were awesome!

  • Scott McCarthy

    Glad the person who shot this was sitting 100 feet away, used an iphone, and decided to shake the whole time.

  • GaMoo79

    With Mason’s 10-3 win over GW on Sunday in baseball, we take a 7-6 lead in the Revolutionary Rivalry.