Schedule Update

So far here is the current non-conference opponents for George Mason in 2014-15:

Home: Iona, Princeton, ODU, Manhattan

Away: Northern Iowa, Oklahoma

Neutral: Puerto Rico Tip-off tournament (November 20-23, 2014)

The staff is looking to add two more home games and start one more series on the road. Also they will not be in the BB&T Classic next season.


  • Chris Hirsch

    Looking forward to boooooournsing Arledge.

    • Matt_LC

      I missed something! where did Arledge go? What actually happened with JA?

      • Daniel Wu

        Arledge is transferring to ODU. He will be able to play for ODU immediately starting next season.

  • mkaufman1

    I’ll definitely have the ODU and VCU game circled on my calendar.

  • Daniel Wu

    During the 2013-2014 season Mason lost to Iona, Princeton, ODU, and Oklahoma. Will be interesting to see if the team can redeem themselves and beat these 4 teams in a rematch in the 2014-2015.
    It could easily head either way (winning and streaking or losing and slumping). With so many combo SF and new players its hard to say if the 2014-2015 will be better or worse than the 2013-2014 season.

  • dsnjd1

    Won’t Arledge have to sit-out as a transfer?

    • Chris Hirsch

      No, he has graduated so he is eligible to play right away.

      • dsnjd1

        How convenient. I guess it says a lot about the program that players at Mason at least graduate. I guess the last time I re-call this happening was a transfer to VCU….(Name?….anybody recall his name?) of a pretty good guard (he may have won some conference honor as a freshman) from Richmond who transferred to be closer to home and his newborn baby.