The story behind Marquise Moore’s “unusual” jump shot

Moore march 2014

Marquise Moore is the fastest guy on the team and has no trouble cutting through the lane to the basket. However, I’m often asked how a kid this talented, at this level, has such an unusual or ugly looking jump shot. He didn’t take many outside jumpers last season but when he did, it mostly wasn’t pretty. It was so bad that when George Washington came to the Patriot Center their opening strategy on defense was to guard everyone else except Moore, in hopes that he would take the open jumper. Turns out Moore’s shooting motion is actually the result of an injury he sustained during his senior year of high school.

Moore was the heart and soul of his Holy Cross high school basketball team in Queens, New York and during senior season he got a little banged up. Aside from a broken toe he also pulled a muscle in his back. The sprained muscle was so uncomfortable to play with it eventually altered his shooting stroke completely. He was heavily relied on at Holy Cross  and they eventually made a playoff run, so he kept playing through it.

This out of whack shooting motion followed him to his freshman year at George Mason but he is making progress to improve it. Paul Hewitt says he’s seen much improvement already this off-season, “He seems to be making great progress in the spring workouts. I anticipate he will be a much improved shooter by the time we start practice in the Fall.”

Moore has also stated he’s starting to feel more comfortable shooting. “He feels he is getting closer to the shooting form he had prior to the injury,” Hewitt said. Certainly an important development for a guy who will be counted on a lot next season to help keep the offense running with all the new faces.

  • clueless economist

    Any word on if Hewitt’s coaching will see much improvement?

  • GaMoo79

    Awesome if he could just make the defense respect him. Would open up the inside for what seems to be some pretty promising Bigs.

  • GaMoo79

    Assuming that they can actually catch the ball once he gets it to them. Hear that Eric?

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