• Grad03

    I’m curious to see what he has to say, would appreciate some honest answers and not just excuses at this point

  • Petey

    For me this shows that at least Hewitt to ready to face the fact that things aren’t going so well. He can boast about those BS 20+ wins seasons all he wants but at the end of the day we are getting farther and farther away from being a program like VCU. And if that’s not the direction we are striving to get to this fan base is going to continue to dwindle.

  • gmusigs

    Don’t need a lecture from Hewitt, he can’t really talk around his coaching abilities. We’ve seen the results on the court. Just how I see it anyway

  • GaMoo79

    A10 Baseball Tourney Update: Seedings: Mason #3, VCU #4, UR#5
    A run like we had in soccer would be nice.
    BTW, Like the new logo. Maybe the new AD will push for a new one for the school.

  • Rick Jank

    I suspect there will be a lot more Q than A, but at least he’s willing to come and face the music. And obviously vilifying him on stage wouldn’t be productive. Hopefully he can at least tell us where his efforts are being placed and where his chief concerns are. To that end, please someone ask him how he sees the PG position.

  • GaMoo79

    I can’t stand either school, but for what its worth, VCU beat UR in first round of A 10 baseball tourney today. GMU plays Dayton at 6.

  • GaMoo79

    Mason beats Dayton 4-3 in 11th.
    Plays St. Joseph’s today at 1:30.

    • Chris Hirsch

      Thanks to Mick Foley! Have a nice day!

      • GaMoo79

        You too!

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