Brad Edwards officially introduced as George Mason’s next AD

brad edwards hat

Brad Edwards was officially welcomed in to the Mason Nation today at a press conference this morning. Not many highlights form the dialogue but Edwards did mention that his efforts to help build fundraising at the university will be built through relationships, one of his strong suits. He deferred the question about football to President Cabrera who essentially explained that is costs too much money to start right now. Also, as with most press conferences regarding NCAA athletics, the term “student-athlete” was mentioned in nearly every other sentence.

[Photo via @georgemasonu]

  • Chris Hirsch

    Who’s the angry looking lady? Is that Cabrera’s wife?

    • rosswill

      I believe she is Brad’s wife Marlana.

  • GaMoo79

    A few thoughts….
    “Angry looking lady”? How about a lady who was simply uncomfortable being up on stage? Personally, I thought she did fine.

    Yesss! No football. Now Edwards can focus on “aggressively” and “tirelessly” building on the sports we do have. Basketball, of course, being number one…as it was mentioned over and over, to one mention a piece of the 4 sports where we actually won something.

    First reaction, I liked what I saw. He seems like a genuinely nice guy with a lot of energy and personality. Looks like a good hire at this point.