Atlantic 10 incoming recruiting class rankings

With the start of the season about four months away, a big question within the conference is who has the best incoming recruiting class. Paul Hewitt has referenced this ranking of the Atlantic 10 2014 recruiting class that has George Mason’s at #4. Today the New England Recruiting report has a breakdown of how they see the incoming classes.

They broke it down by tiers and they have George Mason under “Tier 3: Great Depth”:

“George Mason: Paul Hewitt has a five man class coming to George Mason that should both upgrade his size around the rim and athleticism on the wing. Therence Mayimba is an explosive athlete and elite defensive player. He’s primarily a transition finisher and straight line driver at the moment offensively but has a chance to develop into much more than that in the years to come. Isaiah Jackson is a more offensive oriented 6-foot-6 swingman but still a very good athlete who could potentially play as a big second guard. Eric Lockett, a third swingman in the class, is a jack-of-all-trades type who will carve out a niche with his toughness and versatility. Trey Porter is a skilled 6-foot-10 big man who can stretch defenses to the perimeter while 7-foot junior college transfer Shevon Thompson is more of a prototypical big man and potentially a dominant presence on the glass.”

  • ptrzem

    I’m pretty excited about this class. Seems like a good amount of talent and even more physical attributes. No telling if it will help us contend at all but it can’t hurt to inject some talent and depth. Throw in Julian Royal and we’ve got a pretty intriguing group coming in.