• Daniel Wu

    If you were to just look at the percentages it does not look like George Mason will do any better this upcoming season. The good news is that these percentages are just as useless as the preseason predictions. There are a lot of intangibles that cannot be predicted such as how well the newcomers perform and the impact they could make. There was a previous article stating that George Mason’s success will depend heavily on how well Julian Royal will do.

    I am going to have to agree with that statement. Julian Royal is going to have to supply the rest of the offense along with Jalen Jenkins and Patrick Holloway.

    • gmuhoops

      Wright and Allen contributing the majority of the scoring didn’t bode well for this team, so in this case it could be addition by subtraction.

      • G-n-G

        Considering that the loss of the two people who had the ball in their hands the most results in losing only 40% of the team’s assists is quite telling.

        • GaMoo79

          Agreed. Much focus is given to scoring and rebounding, but you can’t score when you turn the ball over every other trip down the court or when your guards can’t get the ball to the scorers even when they don’t turn it over.