George Mason’s game schedule in Spain

The Patriots have arrived in Spain and will be playing some friendly matches with local clubs there. By the way, they aren’t the only college team there. Below is their tentative game schedule for the trip:

August 14th – in Gandia –  vs. Units pel Basquet Gandia

August 16th – in Castelldefels, Barcelona area vs. CB Castelldefels

August 17th – in Castelldefels, Barcelona area  vs. Tolougest Basket

August 19th – in Banyoles, Costa Brava  vs. CB Quart

  • Daniel Wu

    Does anyone know any websites in which we can watch highlights or perhaps a live stream of the games?

    • gmuhoops

      These are very informal games, usually in small gyms, I doubt there will be any highlights or coverage unless they film it themselves

      • Daniel Wu

        Yeah I thought so. Hopefully Hewitt uses these four games to come up with 2 reliable five man squads. One squad to be the starting five, the other squad to eat away the clock or maintain the lead.

        Last season Hewitt would experiment with the lineups throughout the season when the games being played mattered in terms of wins and losses. He never came up with a lineup that could work and be used consistently.

  • mkaufman1

    Hopefully we’ll at least see some positive things like someone with a few assists or low turnovers

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