George Mason wins first friendly match in Spain


George Mason had their first friendly match of their Spain tour against Units pel Basquet Gandia today. The Patriots won with a final score of 85-61 and will play again in Barcelona this Saturday. We don’t know much detail about the game besides from the eyewitnesses on twitter:

But we did learn that the starting lineup consisted of Corey Edwards, Patrick Holloway, Vaughn Gray, Jalen Jenkins, and Erik Copes. Not surprising considering Eric Lockett and Marquise Moore weren’t playing but this could point to us seeing more of Gray on the court this season. Also apparently Julian Royal was the sixth man.

Thanks to @nbh182 for sharing all the photos and updates.

  • G-n-G

    I assume there will be some experimentation with lineups on the trip, but I like the idea of Royal off the bench. He seemed to be pressing too hard at the open practice (as the transfer from the ACC he might feel as though he has to be spectacular) so that role could ease the pressure and anxiety.