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    Any word on game 2 ?

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    Guess not.

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    Thanks. My bad. Just kinda confusing.
    For me anyway 🙂

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      Not sure what the confusion is about, I’m just posting stuff I find on the trip on here in different posts. Gomason.com has all the game highlights so no need to repost everything they say especially since it’s a first hand account.

  • gmurva

    Agree, the thread is a bit hard to follow. Sure Ryan will do a summary post with lots of stats after the games are all played 🙂

    Game 1 – Mason defeated Units pel Basquet Gandia in the first game of the trip, 85-61. Patrick Holloway led the Patriots with 18 points, while newcomer Shevon Thompson posted a double-double behind 12 points and 10 rebounds. Freshman Trey Porter recorded five blocks and five steals. – http://gmuhoops.co/2014/08/15/3727/#sthash.i70nMv1M.dpbs
    See more at: http://gmuhoops.co/#sthash.l6BYzJRd.dpuf

    Game 2 – The Patriots defeated CB Castelldefels in game two, 89-65. Vaughn Gray finished the game with 17 points and pulled down seven rebounds, including three offensive. Erik Copes posted a double-double with 11 points and 10 rebounds, including seven on the offensive end – http://www.wsof.com/news_stories/mens-basketball-foreign-tour-day-four-barcelona-14935300

    Game 3 – In the third game of the trip, the Patriots defeated Toulougest Basket, 72-68. Patrick Holloway continued his consistent scoring effort to once again lead the Patriots in scoring with 18 points. Marko Gujanicic had his best performance of the trip with 10 points on 4-of-6 shooting and four rebounds – http://www.wsof.com/news_stories/mens-basketball-foreign-tour-day-five-barcelona-14952938

    Game 4 – The Patriots will play their final game of the tour on Tuesday.

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      Thanks gmurva. Appreciate the good update.

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    Like I said, it’s just me. No problem.