George Mason at George Washington


Someday this whole Revolutionary Rivalry will actually be a rivalry that’s fun to watch, but for now it is a dud as George Mason’s program continues to sink under Paul Hewitt. Meanwhile in Foggy Bottom George Washington is a top 60 team looking to challenge for the Atlantic 10 championship again. Mason is 1-5 in their last five games against GW dating back to 1997 and lost both of last year’s games. Mason is coming off one of their worst performances of the season in a what should have been a winnable game against St. Bonaventure. They looked unprepared, disinterested, and basically lost on defense. They played well in the games after being blown out by West Virginia and Oklahoma so hopefully we will see a better effort Saturday.

Mason has been dealing with injuries but junior forward Julian Royal might be back in the lineup Saturday which could provide a scoring boost. The starting lineup against the Bonnies that included Edwards, Moore, and Jackson is probably their best bet at this point. Vaughn Gray has been wildly inconsistent for four years now, Marko Gujanicic is in a similar situation, and Patrick Holloway seems to be regressing at a quick rate.

This team needs guys like Jalen Jenkins and Marquise Moore to put up double figures each night because it’s unrealistic to expect the rest of the cast to shoulder the scoring load. And while offense is still nightly issue, it is their defense that has really let games get out of hand for them. Through four conference games they are 13th in the A-10 in terms of defensive efficiency

[Photo by Bill Bride]

  • G-n-G

    Mason has to hope (or better yet, cause) GW continues its recent struggles on offense. They scored only 50 points against a LaSalle team that Mason handled easily and had only 50 points at the end of regulation against Richmond. In his post-game interview, Hewitt said that rebounding turned the tide against St. Bonnaventure. That could be the key today as well because in all of GW’s league victories they’ve won the rebounding battle and their one loss was coincided with being out-rebounded (by one).

  • G-n-G

    I’d like to throw out a couple questions to the collective. Assuming Hewitt is not brought back (and assuming all the players stay, just to keep things simple), what are your thoughts on:

    –bringing in a successful head coach from another mid-major, a successful head coach from a smaller team, or a key assistant from a successful major program?

    –who are the names on your (realistic) wish list?

  • upside2013

    Game today was embarising and the anounsers kept saying mason had no shooters.

  • G-n-G

    Watched the whole thing and just looked at the box score. The teams were almost dead even statistically except in one crucial respect–Mason could not keep GW off the free throw line, including in too many cases adding silly an “and-one” fouls to GW’s few made baskets.

    • Matt_LC

      defense got worst second half. Everyone fouls to much. I know trey is a rookie but he is a foul machine per the minutes he plays. Where did Jenkins go this year? Holloway was a brutal 1/8 at one point but I think the erratic use of his ability, the lack of a plan to use him and the damage staff has done to his mindset ( guessing here) means he probably won’t emerge with consistency this year.

      • Leedy1896

        But as some point you have to play the guys who at least give you a chance to win. Is Holloway adding anything?

        • Rick Jank

          Well the one thing about Holloway is he provides the threat to score, and in bunches. Other than Shevon, we really don’t have anyone else who can currently bring that threat. The game announcers were saying that the GW practice session was all about staying on Holloway. And for what it’s worth, he is pretty good at getting open, at the stop and pop. And I think he is improved at faking the three and driving in. I mean, he LOOKS smooth. Everything’s ok except the shots are not falling. No doubt about it, he is in a major slump, but he’s the one guy who could actually go off on any given night, and he always has the green light, it seems. So as an opposing coach I would pay him special attention, which hopefully should open up our other players more.
          He’s no longer starting, and he’s playing less minutes now, and for a coach who sucks at in-game adjustments, he’s one guy you can insert into the game to force the other team to adjust, at least.
          One thing I liked from the GW game was that 2-3 zone we were playing with Thompson and Porter being the twin towers. They are a bit taller than the norm for the A10 (right?), and this may capitalize on that advantage as those two learn alongside each other.

  • G-n-G

    Hadn’t thought about ODU as a source to tap, but very interesting. And raiding the successful cookie jar that Tony Bennett has put together makes a ton of sense. Thanks.

  • Chris Hirsch

    How much will Mason lose to Davidson by?

  • Bill Bride

    Would Matt Matheny leave Elon and the CAA and come to Mason and the A10? I think he’s done a decent job at Elon. He was an assistant at Davidson a number of years before getting the Elon job. He’s in his mid 40’s. Hewitt is not the answer and I’d be disappointed in Mason if they brought him back next year.