Dan Steinberg & Ben Standig talk about sad state of George Mason basketball

Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post and Ben Standig of CSN Washington are on a podcast on ESPN 980 radio discussing local hoops. At the about the 33 minute mark they start talking about the state of George Mason and discuss what the future might hold. Very interesting conversation from two local media guys about how the program doesn’t put themselves out there enough in the media, definitely worth a listen. Here is the snippet of audio where they talk about George Mason:

[Via ESPN980]

  • gmu95

    Nice conversation. GMU has really blown it on many levels. Hope they can right the ship sooner rather than later. I was very concerned when Larranaga left unfortunately it’s been proven I had reason to be. Depressing.

    • GMU-74-EVR

      That’s true but what goes down must come up. I believe we’ll be back someday.

  • Yasin101

    Nice podcast about the state of Mason basketball. It’s extremely sad to see how this program has fallen unfortunately.

  • G-n-G

    Whenever a new coach comes, I hope that there’s a plan in place and it’s not an emotional decision. Given the comments from GT fans four years ago firing Hewitt seemed emotional and that move hasn’t panned out. Their record the past four years is: 11-20, 16-14, 16-17, and 10-12.

  • GaMoo79

    Mason Mayhem has a nice ring to it, but I wouldn’t want the VCU folks saying all we’re doing is copying them. Still, if it works…..
    Really, though, I don’t care if it’s Mason Molasses (see Princeton), or no nickname at all. I just want to win.

  • Rick Jank

    As this thing plays out over time, I fear we’ll all realize that the worst decision wasn’t hiring Hewitt but letting Larranaga go. There are a lot of mid major programs that are, as the name implies, middling. For that matter, there are lots of middling teams in major conferences that seem to be also-rans year in and year out. And you have wonder just how much of that year-after-year-failure has to fall on the coaches. And if so, does that mean there are a lot of fun-of-the-mill coaches out there? I think we should get rid of Hewitt as much as the next guy, and hopefully the radio guys are right when they say the writing is on the wall for Hewitt, but this time around the biggest decision may not be who we are letting go but who we hire. Let’s hope Edwards has already made his decision to hand Hewitt the pink slip and is actively searching for the gem of a coach we all deserve.

    • GMU-74-EVR

      I think Larranaga would’ve gone eventually, TOC was very budget conscientious. After the Final Four run he considered Providence but didn’t pursue as it wasn’t a marquee position he wanted. Larranaga also has a home and family in FL and that opening in Miami, an ACC team to boot, was just icing on the cake. Besides, his various accomplishments have shown he definitely belongs in the High-Major ranks.

      • Matt Cerilli

        Shaka Smart’s “various accomplishments have shown he definitely belongs in the High-Major ranks”…does that mean he left? If you build around the program and give those coaches a reason to stay, then they just might…

        • GMU-74-EVR

          We all love Larranaga as he wrote the book here and put us on the map, but we must look to the future and quit crying about the past or comparing ourselves to other schools.

          VCU was a solid mid-major on the fringes when Shaka Smart took over and only in the past 2-3 season can we consider VCU an elite program.

          Also VCU showed a commitment to their hoops program and seized the opportunity after their Final Four run. They raised their budget and made massive improvements to their arena and continue to do so.

          While the upgrades at Patriot Center were alright, we still need a respectable video scoreboard and less seating to create a more intimidating atmosphere.

          TOC was just coasting through his last few years and was the proverbial “tired-old man”. He’s gone now, let’s build something new and
          What I’m trying to say is that this is a cycle. We’re down now, but that doesn’t mean we’re out. Have hope, it’s all we have right now.

  • StopWearingPurple

    All I heard was guys who know nothing about the program speculating about it at a very superficial level. This is my big gripe with supposed local sports coverage, its Maryland,
    Georgetown and who ever might be hot.

    • GMU-74-EVR

      Maybe. but they knew about the so-called “improvements” on Patriot Center and that GMU was the largest public university in VA.