• G-n-G

    No gimmies in this league. Nice to see us playing Davidson twice this season. They run a really fun style of basketball. Our guys will have to be on their toes to defend it well. I really like how the A-10 does scheduling, creating local mini-conferences of teams like GMU, GW, UR, and VCU that play twice each year.

  • C.HILL

    At the open house with Paulsen he said briefly that Hewitt left the out of conference scheduling in pretty bad shape… And he said that he just finished scheduling two teams that day… Any idea which teams they might be and Ryan/Disqus Members do you agree with that statement from Paulsen?

    • G-n-G

      I can’t say for certain, but several series (like with Rhode Island) seemed to have played out. Given the scramble to add a couple more teams/games at the beginning of last season (settling for a D-2 team in one case), Paulsen’s assessment doesn’t surprise me. He seems to be a pretty candid guy, but he also worked hard at the open house to avoid dumping on Hewitt even when people egged him on.

    • Chris Hirsch

      I always thought Hewitt did a good job scheduling, at least giving us opponents that would have been nice victories, problem is, we never beat them.

      • Quel Esteve

        I fully agree Chris. I don’t know how coach Hewitt left the scheduling for this season, but we played some pretty cool names the past seasons. The problem was we never got those quality wins, no matter how close we got…

  • airgold10

    Update about VCU: their stud freshman Larrier is transferring to UConn. We will definitely see him in the tourney in the future, hopefully not against us!


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