Patrick Holloway suspended six games

Holloway susp

Last night word got out that senior guard Patrick Holloway has been suspended for six games by Dave Paulsen:

I had heard some talk in recent days of Holloway being in danger of being kicked off the team due to a number of missed classes. Looks like Paulsen is putting his foot down on the matter and will start the season with very little depth or experience in the back court. With him out I’d expect to see Otis Livingston starting at point guard with Marquise Moore playing the two like we saw in the open scrimmage.

These first six games without Holloway could be rough as he’s the team’s only proven outside shooter going into this season. We already knew freshmen would need to play a lot this year but now they are in a situation where the back court has almost no depth. Kameron Murrell has looked promising so far so he and Livingston will see a lot of the early minutes in Holloway’s absence. I would also expect to see more of Myles Tate whose experience will definitely get him some earlier minutes this season.

  • Benjamin

    Ouch… well I guess trial by fire is the new process of on-boarding our Freshman.

  • Cruz108

    Big loss, even with him we didn’t have much of a back court this year. I really like Livingston, Murrell, and Grayer though. They will be thrown into it pretty early, hopefully it’s not too ugly

  • SkinsGMU

    Seems like a harsh punishment for skipping classes but maybe there is more to the story. Either way glad to see Paulsen holding these guys accountable, even the veterans, and having a no BS policy. Things seemed lax under previous staff.

  • BoredInClass

    He sent a solid message and I am happy to see it. I don’t view this as much of a loss as it simply provides more opportunity to the players that are hopefully going to be a part of this program’s future. Holloway is a streaky offensive spark and unfortunately that’s all he ever developed into here. This season is not about wins and losses, it is about the development of the future, this just accelerates that slightly.

    • vienna fan

      Streaky is right. And even when he was “on”, he wasn’t great. I’ve never been a Holloway fan. Never seemed like he lived up to expectations.

  • gmu2009

    It’s really a pity to hear about this. Patrick had so much potential, both as a basketball player and as a man of character, when he entered this program. Unfortunately, the Hewitt era was toxic for him in both regards, so it seems.

  • Days of Yates

    Ugh, HATE to see this. This just casts a pall over the whole start of the season, including the whole trip to Charleston, where we could use the veteran leadership. Of course, that Holloway’s conduct grew to the point of suspension casts doubt on how much of a veteran leader he could actually be. As long as he knew in advance what the requirements were (speaking as a graduate who just might have skipped a class or three along the way…), then so be it.

    • TonyD

      I mean he’s a senior how is doing this to himself? As a former SOM grad I don’t think there are many classes I could have skipped as a senior and still planned to graduate.

      For the basketball side I’m excited to see the new young blood in the back court, certainly won’t miss Holloway’s often poor shot selection…

      • upside2013

        Difficult to be a student and a athlete but no one forced him to accept the scholarship.

    • vienna fan

      Like the knew handle Rick. Got me thinking about changing mine to Days of Estes or Contee or Gaddy 🙂

  • upside2013

    I guess he feels he will make the pro’s was his decision. I am ready to move on and focus on the players that are committed to GMU basketball.

  • upside2013

    No classes=No basketball

  • upside2013

    Coach Dave great job!!!!!

  • famousdave2015

    Look forward to Friday opening game

  • G-n-G

    I’m as hopeful as anyone about the new coaches and guess the way to make lemonade out of this lemon is to hope that the unexpected playing time accelerates the development of players who will be mainstays of the team for years.

    I have one appeal, though, can we join the team, school, and athletic department in moving on from the Hewitt era? Barring that can we at least deal in facts? “Things seemed lax under previous staff.” Hewitt suspended multiple players for poor behavior–including Copes twice, Okoloji for stepping on a player, and Cornelius during Hewitt’s first year.

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