George Mason begins five game road trip at Mercer


George Mason looks to bounce back from theĀ home opener loss to Colgate at Mercer tonight. Mason had trouble getting any sort of consistency on offense against Colgate and the front court advantage most thought this team would have going in, looked non-existent. The veteran forward trio of Marko Gujanicic, Shevon Thompson, and Jalen Jenkins struggled against a smaller front court, yikes. They rebounded well enough but looked lost far too often when Colgate packed the paint on defense. Opposing teams are going to do this all season long against George Mason, essentially daring them to shoot from the outside. We got a glimpse of their long range shooting without Patrick Holloway in the lineup and it wasn’t pretty. They need to find ways to get the ball into the post quicker and put their front court players in better positions to score.

Mercer has a lot more size up front than Colgate does, so tonight’s game will be interesting test to see what tweaks in the game plan Dave Paulsen may have to get things going. In back court Mercer has three seniors starting so freshmen guards are going to have their hands full. Mason needs to continue to get to the line but this time make more than half their free-throws. It’s going to be difficult for them win any games though with Jalen Jenkins and Shevon Thompson combining for only 10 points.

  • Chris Hirsch

    Not expecting this to be pretty….

  • vienna fan

    I was disappointed that fewer fans turned out for this year’s opening than last year’s. I would have thought the buzz of bringing in a new coach would have brought out a big crowd.
    “Yikes” about the front court is right, Ryan. Still, fellow Patriots, DP has already said that many of the guys on this team are not his type of guys (or something to that effect). Of course that could serve as a huge motivator…or, a big deflator. Anyway, it is what it is.
    I am hoping, though, if Paulsen is the type of coach he appears to be, that we can expect to see improved play as the year goes on…though that might not translate into actual wins.
    I have confidence that coach knows his stuff. Good days should come…eventually. Here’s hoping I’m right.

    • StopWearingPurple

      Agree, fan turnout could have been much better.

    • gmu2009

      I actually thought the crowd was pretty decent considering this program has been run into the ground over the past few seasons, and the opponent (Colgate) being a team hardly anyone has ever heard of. When the wins start coming in, so too will the crowd. It’s nothing particular to Mason fans, it’s just the way it is in sports.