Mason keeps rolling in Charleston Classic, defeats Oklahoma State

593Oklahoma St George Mason Basketball

George Mason defeated Oklahoma State today to advance to the finals in the Charleston Classic. Shevon Thompson and Jaire Grayer led the way as the Patriots fought off a big run by the Cowboys. Grayer finished with 23 points and made some bigs shots down the strech. Marquise Moore was also a big part of Mason closing things out down the stretch, he finished with 8 assists. Really what we are seeing here is a confident team who knows how to fight. Today they hit a season-high 11 3-pointers, a big surprise from what we had seen before this tournament.

This tournament has proved how important Shevon Thompson is to this team being successful this season. At his best Thompson is a real match-up problem and a threat in the post. Couple that with young guards who aren’t afraid to take big shots and we have ourselves a ball club. If they continue to win the rebounding battle they can win games with this type of offense.

Marko Gujanicic continues to look like a new player, he might be the leader this team has been lacking in prior years. He’s a smart player who does the little things that help Dave Paulsen teams win. He’s a few outside jumpers away from being one of the top scorers on this team.

  • airgold10

    One thing I enjoyed about watching the game is the 50+ pep band members and the decent audience we had cheering for us throughout the game. We had more fans there than OSU (easier to travel for us I am guessing). Assuming UVA wins out tonight, it’s going to be a fun matchup on Sunday. An upset over a top 6 team and in state bragging rights would be spectactular.

    VCU-#5Duke will be a great matchup tonight as well, I know most people on here hope they lose all their games, but a VCU win would be great for A-10 “strength of schedule” wins.

    • vienna fan

      True, much as it pains me.

    • vurbel

      The success of VCU has done nothing to help us. Nothing.

      • airgold10

        They lost, so the point is moot.

        But of course it would help. If VCU beat Duke, their RPI would rise due to a quality win. Then if we beat VCU in conference play, our RPI would rise because we beat a good team. RPI is huge in NCAA tourney selection as you may know, that’s the only reason we got one of the last at large spots in tourney in ’06.

        • vurbel

          I understand RPI, and its value in the “micro,” but in the “macro” how has VCU helped us by getting to the Final Four?

      • vienna fan

        Have to agree with airgold (below) on this one.

  • famousdave2015

    Great win veterans have awoken and the freshman guards are dynamic. Early but go win C Classic championship and maybe GMU will be the Cinderella of the A10 on their 10th anniversary of the final four. Great job coach Dave your work ethic is contagious in a good way. Go Mason

    • vienna fan

      Cinderella re doux!
      (hope i spelled that right)

  • vienna fan

    Yesterday we withstand a comeback. Today we are the “comebakers”. Both against teams that had not yet lost. In the past, we lose both games. Coaching DOES matter, and yes, Paulsen CAN recruit. Looks like we’re on to something here. Maybe even win a few more games than any of us expected. And dare I say it?…even win this tourney?

  • Bob Boodelang

    These guys are fighters this. Way to go! Mason Nation Baby!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bikram Singh

    I couldnt bare watching Mason play under Hewitt. If we can get the turnovers under control, and learn to play with a lead…I think NCAA tournament appearances will not be a thing of the past…

    • StopWearingPurple

      I had a few minutes last night to check out the GW game against SFU and who was announcing, Paul freaking Hewitt. I knew if he talked about defending the three or limiting turnovers I’d put my foot through the TV so I changed the channel.

  • Daniel Wu

    Both Otis Livingston and Jaire Grayer have really blossomed, hard to believe they are freshmen!. I am perplexed that both were so lightly recruited. If you are a few inches shorter, few pounds too light/heavy, you are written off and not acknowledged for your ability to flat out play……wow really?!?!. Oh well it is a steal for Mason and a loss for the snobby persnickety BCS basketball institutions.

    I kind of feel bad for Kameron Murrell…this guy was suppose to be a 3 point specialist right? How many air ball shots has he made so far? Hopefully the Paulsen staff will help tweak/fix his shooting form. I’m pretty sure the cause is due to the fact that he has a very flat shot, due to no elevation, and he seems to be shooting FORWARDS instead of pushing UP.

  • Quel Esteve

    Awesome win. With ST inside, Marko finally making a difference and Moore, Livingston and Grayer hitting from the ouside, if coach Paulsen gets them to keep the turnovers under a dozen a game the sky might be the limit for this bunch.

    On a lighter note, I’m glad my company deals on defibrillators and I always have one nearby. During the last two games I had the feeling my heart was going to stop no less than half a dozen times.

    Bring on the Cavaliers !!!!

  • gmurva

    Where are the pretty graphs to show why we won? Miss those. Surprise… coaching matters and building a system that fits the talent you have works. But redux? think we may be getting ahead of ourselves . One game at a time. Be interecting to see what Hollaway can do with good coaching and system (ball/player movement, assists – am I dreaming). Might he look as improved as Marko? BTW I get the hope – I am a Redskins fanatic too so it’s been a good week. Hoping for a great Sunday.

    • gmuhoops

      Me too, I used to get them from but they closed down. Looking for a similar alternative.

    • vienna fan

      Hey gmurva, let me clarify. My redux (thanks for the spellcheck), was only to be a pleasant surprise in the A10, not the final 4. Trust me, I’m not that delusional 🙂

  • Jim Green

    If Holloway can come off the bench and consistently shoot dagger 3’s we have a chance in the A-10. Getting two freshman guards that can play is huge. We have one scholarship left, really need a 4 star front court recruit for next year.

    • vienna fan

      Already thinking about who will replace Shevon. I trust DP can do it. Livingston and Grayer are examples of his recruiting ability even when forced to do so at the last minute.

  • Jim Green

    Why is there no local coverage, the Washington Post, and W J F K website, that has to change.

    • OldIndian

      I’ve been asking myself that question for years. When Stephen Goff covers the Patriots, they generally get a decent number of column inches—and occasionally, even a feature article! Unfortunately, his columns became very infrequent the past year or two. (Seems that WAPO now highlights SG as its official “soccer writer,” with “local basketball” coverage as an additional duty. Nice!) Otherwise, look for the Patriots in the line scores or at most, a paragraph in “other local results” in the following day’s edition.