Mason ends long road trip at Manhattan

paulsen uvaComing off an impressive run in the Charleston Classic George Mason heads to Manhattan next, the last of their five road game swing. There’s a lot more confidence in this team heading into this game then there was prior to their last true road game at Mercer. Shevon Thompson is a bigger part of the offense and they are shooting well from the outside while being much improved from behind the three-point line. Last year in this home and home series Mason beat Manhattan with the help of a full court heave from Jalen Jenkins. Let’s hope they don’t need that kind of luck tonight.

I’m interested to see how Shevon Thompson plays tonight. There’s now a lot more tape on him this season and Virginia was able to rattle him in the post with constant double teams. The Jaspers have committed a ton of fouls in their first two games so this could be a choppy game with Mason at the free-throw line a lot. That’s not an ideal game plan considering how poorly they have shot the ball from there. They will have to get Thompson the ball in the post with good position to make a play without constantly being sent to the line.

The back court is key for Mason though as we hope to see Otis Livingston and Jaire Grayer continue their hot shooting. The trio of them and Marquise Moore is working well and it needs to because their aren’t any other options on the bench. Defensively they all need to work together better on protecting the wings and perimeter.

  • vienna fan

    Love the pic of Paulsen! NEVER saw anything close to that kind of intensity from PH.

    • Matt Cerilli

      My wife started watching Mason games with me a few years ago, and the other night she asked “What’s a technical foul” when Paulsen had received one. I said “Oh yeah you never saw that kind of intensity from Hewitt did you?” Paulsen seems like the kind of coach who will be tough on his players, but he will also be the first to defend them when it comes to bad calls from the refs. Love that!

  • famousdave2015

    Lost to Manhattan tonight lots of turnovers. Manhattan has only has 6 scholarship players on the team no wins prior to this game. Still optimistic about some improvement and will need to to have much patience this year while they learn how to play fundamental basketball.

    • vienna fan

      Disappointing, yes. But I agree. Patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

      • dsnjd1

        I agree. To the average fan the performance of the team would leave one scratching your head….loses to “relative weaklings” Colgate and Mercer, followed by unexpected wins against established big conference BCS schools Okla. State and Ole’ Miss, followed by a expected loss at ranked a national power U.Va, capped off by head- scratching a loss to a school who (Manhattan) who plays in a facility resembling the P.E. Building or any average high school gym, complete with pull-out bleachers. Welcome to 1997. The last time Mason ran a big-time winner from level another out of town, and had to rebuild, with a “lower-paid” coach from a “lower level”. Let’s hope for similar results.

  • Quel Esteve

    I have already expressed here that I have a great feeling about the way the team and the program are evolving. I love what I see from coach Paulsen and his staff so far. I really sense the team is moving forward.

    Having said that, and hoping nobody takes this the wrong way…Why don’t we, the fan base, do the same ? Coach Hewitt didn’t work for this program like all of us would have liked but hey: He is gone ! He has been for a while… Do we really need to still make just about every other post here about him ?

    Being a small business owner who has to fire people from time to time I have found what works best, at least for me, is to turn page as quick and with as little hard feelings as possible. Someone doesn’t work at a position…fire him with respect, shake his hand and thank his efforts and move on to a better candidate.

    Just saying.

    • airgold10

      It’s because Hewitt ran the program into the ground due to his incompetence and set the program backwards at least 5 years. Look how well “his” recruits are playing in a new system. People are bitter and I still am.

      The posts will get better though as the months go by and DP is putting up more wins 😀

    • SmilingismyFavorite

      I totally agree with you. I like to read what people post and it’s a bit annoying to continue to see people hung up on PH. We get it, he was awful, lets move on and focus on the current coaching staff. The future looks bright for GMU basketball.