Mason loses hard fought battle in Revolutionary Rivalry


George Mason came out strong in the second half against George Washington Sunday afternoon but fell short in the closing moments. This team fought til the end in front of a good, energetic crowd at EagleBank Arena. It was an exciting game for the most part as Otis Livingston was driving and dishing all over the court while the teams traded leads. They shot the ball much better in the second half but struggled to get stops at key moments when they were trying to build momentum. They could have also used more offense from Marquise Moore and Shevon Thompson down the stretch, especially when the game was tied with about five minutes to go. Despite Mason having the rebounding edge the game got away from them at the foul line as GW took full advantageĀ of their extra attempts.

The attitude and toughness was there in this game and that is encouraging to watch as this rebuilding process rolls on. As a team they are still learning how to finish games and dig deep. They opportunities were there and they did miss a ton of close baskets. We’ve seen how good these guys can be when the shots are falling and when they play more disciplined on defense.

[Photos by Bill Bride]

  • mkaufman1

    Nice to finally have a good time at a game and not walk out of the arena scratching my head.

  • Chris Hirsch

    Very fun game to attend, and even the loss didn’t upset me too much because the effort and improvement we are making was on display. Otis Livingston is going to be a ton of fun to watch these next few seasons. Post had an interesting article about our rebuild over the weekend.

  • Days of Yates

    Painful loss, but somehow it hurts so good (let’s all sing along!). I think there are positives to be expressed for all involved…. except for the refs. I think Paulsen bent over backwards a bit to get that technical, but it did seem to achieve its desired effect and rally the players. I think if I were the coach, I would have already been T’d up by that point. Not that the refs were atrocious against us, but it did seem that all the close calls went the other way.
    Can’t help but be optimistic that this team is building something really good.

    • StopWearingPurple

      The call that resulted in the T was especially disgusting. They missed an obvious travel at the start of the drive and then called a foul on Mason that wouldn’t have counted had the called the travel. I too wondered if Paulsen was looking for that T.

  • G-n-G

    I really like this team. This team plays with a level of effort, verve, and spirit that is an absolute joy to watch. The more they play for each other and build a sense of camaraderie the better they’ll be–on the court and in life. The excitement and passion of the bench throughout the GW game was similarly terrific to see. This has the prospect of becoming something special and durable.

    • famousdave2015

      Thanks to Coach Dave and staff and recruiting for fit first and mold the talent into their system. Thats the formula that worked in coach L’s tenure.

  • WB

    Like everybody said… great game. I thought we matched up really well with them…. Jenkins and Shevon should get credit for not getting pushed around by their bigs down low… Larsen and Cavanaugh weren’t huge factors. I think the main difference in keeping it close was Grayer’s ability to knock down shots. Especially in that run. Also, gotta say, my daughters got autographs from Abrams and Livingston after the game… and those are really good kids… engaging, a smile on their face, and more than happy to take pics with folks. I know that doesn’t mean Ws, but I like to see it. Seems like Coach P focuses a lot on the character of the team, and how they interact with the community.

  • StopWearingPurple

    Awesome game. Great to see that level of energy and passion by both players and fans. Otis was breaking ankles and giving them fits. It is encouraging to see them push a veteran team with a line up that often included four freshmen.

  • G-n-G

    Anyone know why Royal wasn’t on the bench for this game?